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Embark on our journey through the world of The CW’s Walker Season 4 with our comprehensive guide. This guide meticulously crafted for both avid fans and curious newcomers alike. As the latest season unfolds, we bring you an in-depth exploration of every episode, featuring titles, synopses, date of release and exclusive promo videos. Whether you’re gearing up for a binge-watching marathon or seeking a curated viewing experience, our article is your go-to source for unraveling the intrigue and the drama that awaits.

Join us as we break down the essential details, providing an insider’s perspective on what makes each episode of The CW’s Walker Season 4 an unmissable chapter in the unfolding narrative. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of The CW’s Walker Season 4, armed with the knowledge to enhance your viewing experience like never before!

Walker Cancelled by The CW Network after 4 Seasons

“It is with a heavy heart that I share this news with you. #Walker will not be airing on [The] CW for a fifth season,” Jared Padalecki wrote on Instagram. “It’s tough news to share, but we are SO thankful for the #WalkerFamily that has been built, both on set and off. After four seasons together, we have felt the love and support from the entire #WalkerFamily, and we will be forever grateful.”

“Too often, we receive praise and gratitude but miss the chance to give it back… WITH THE FANS!” his statement continued. “Home isn’t a ‘place’; it’s a relationship. ‘Places’ can be lost. ‘Relationships’ can live forever. Our gratitude and love for the entire #WalkerFamily will live forever. It has been an honor to be part of the cast, crew, and fandom that helped #Walker tell its stories. I will forever cherish the years I spent with everyone involved. Til we ride again.”

Not only are Cordell and Geri very much together, but the topic of living together will come up for them. “That’s one of the questions: Are you ready for that? And do you want to rush into those things?’ showrunner Anna Fricke previews. “A lot of what Walker is going through this season is Stella’s already at college, August is about to leave, and so, he is sort of getting anxious, even if he can’t quite identify it, of, like, what the empty nest is going to be. And so, he might try to fill some holes too quickly. He’s not really thinking things through.”

Can’t have a season without some Emily scenes.

Walker – 4×12 Letting Go

Release date: June 19th

Synopsis: WHERE DO YOU FIT IN? – Geri (Odette Annable) is upset with Walker (Jared Padalecki) for not opening up to her. Meanwhile, Cassie (Ashley Reyes), Trey (Jeff Pierre) and James (Coby Bell) conduct more interviews. Lastly, Bonham (Mitch Pileggi) and Abby (Molly Hagan) realize they both need to give a little with their plans for the future.

Walker – 4×11 Let’s Go, Lets Go

Release date: June 12th

Synopsis: HERE WE ARE – Cassie (Ashley Reyes), James (Coby Bell), Trey (Jeff Pierre) and Luna (guest star Justin Johnson Cortez) start to put together the pieces of the Jackal case, while no one has heard from Walker (Jared Padalecki). Keegan Allen, Odette Annable, Violet Brinson, Kale Culley, Mitch Pileggi and Molly Hagan also star. The episode was written and directed by Anna Fricke (#411). 

Walker – 4×10 End this Way

Release date: June 5th

Synopsis: THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME – Walker (Jared Padalecki) sets out on a new mission. August (Kale Culley) opens up to Geri (Odette Annable) and Liam (Keegan Allen). Bonham (Mitch Pileggi) notices that something is off with Abby (Molly Hagan). Meanwhile, Luna (guest star Justin Johnson Cortez) introduces Cassie (Ashley Reyes) to an old friend, and things don’t go as anticipated. Also starring Coby Bell and Jeff Pierre. Chad Dashnaw directed the episode written by David James (#410).

Walker – 4×09 A history of Horrors and Other Tales

Release date: May 29th

Synopsis: Geri (Odette Annable) discussed her new business venture with Walker (Jared Padalecki), but there is more to her return. James (Coby Bell), Cassie (Ashley Reyes) and Trey (Jeff Pierre) appear to make some headway in their investigation. Meanwhile, Stella (Violet Brinson) and August (Kale Culley) make a startling discovery. Lastly, Bonham (Mitch Pileggi) and Abby (Molly Hagan) have differing views about their retirement plans, with Liam (Keegan Allen) serving as a referee. Phil Hardage directed the episode written by Blythe Ann Johnson (#409).

Walker – 4×08 Witt’s End

Release date: May 22th

Synopsis: TUNNEL VISION – Liam (Keegan Allen) express his concerns about Walker (Jared Padalecki) to Trey (Jeff Pierre). Walker becomes more invested in the case as Captain James (Coby Bell) asks him to take a break. Stella (Violet Brinson) continues her search for the necklace and starts putting together the pieces of the mystery. August (Kale Culley) goes to his dad for help with a school project. Meanwhile, Cassie (Ashley Reyes) and Detective Luna (guest star Justin Johnson Cortez) take their relationship to the next level.

Walker – 4×07 Hold me Now

Release date: May 15th

Synopsis: CHASING A GHOST – Walker (Jared Padalecki), Trey (Jeff Pierre), Cassie (Ashley Reyes) and Detective Luna (guest star Justin Johnson Cortez) explore more leads as Walker starts to become more and more invested. Captain James (Coby Bell) notices Casey and Luna growing closer. Stella (Violet Brinson) goes to Bonham (Mitch Pileggi) for self-defense training and August (Kale Culley) excels in his boot camp training. Lastly, Bonham and Abby (Molly Hagan) discuss the future with mixed opinions. Also starring Keegan Allen. Stephanie Martin directed the episode written by Carey Fisher and Russel Friend.

Walker – 4×06 We All Fall Down

Release date: May 8th

Synopsis: Walker (Jared Padalecki), Trey (Jeff Pierre) and Cassie (Ashley Reyes) prepare for what Captain James (Coby Bell) has in store for them at HQ. Meanwhile, Stella (Violet Brinson) and August (Kale Culley) start to put some pieces together. Lastly, Walker makes plans for his future and Liam (Keegan Allen) questions his brother’s motives.

Matt Barr Guest star. Also starring, Molly Hagan, Mitch Pileggi, and Odette Annable. Bola Ogun directed the episode written by Bret VandenBos & Brandon Miller 

Walker – 4×05 We’ve Been Here Before

Release date: May 1st

Synopsis: Walker (Jared Padalecki), Trey (Jeff Pierre), Cassie (Ashley Reyes) and Detective Luna (guest star Justin Johnson Cortez) are all hands on deck with their case. Geri (Odette Annable) is presented with an interesting offer, and Liam (Keegan Allen) jumps in to help. Meanwhile, Stella (Violet Brinson) and August (Kale Culley) help Abby (Molly Hagan) and Bonham (Mitch Pileggi) and stumble upon some interesting information. Lastly, James (Coby Bell) tries to make amends. Bola Ogun directed the episode written by Geri Carillo.

Walker – 4×04 Insane B.S. and Bloodshed

Release date: April 24th

Synopsis: Walker’s (Jared Padalecki) lies about the Jackal case finally catch up to him, testing his friendship with his old partner, Captain James (Coby Bell). Cassie (Ashley Reyes) works a lead in the Jackal case alongside Detective Luna (guest star Justin Johnson Cortez) and learns a hard lesson. Stella (Violet Brinson) makes a shocking realization. 

Walker – 4×03 Lessons from The Gift Shop

Release date: April 17th

Synopsis: Trey (Jeff Pierre) and Liam (Keegan Allen) try to help Walker (Jared Padalecki) figure out his next steps with Geri (Odette Annable). Liam confides in Walker that he’s worried about Stella (Violet Brinson). Meanwhile, Stella and Sadie (guest star Saylor Bell) look into recent events. August (Kale Culley) begins his bootcamp training and it is not what he expected. Liam helps Cassie (Ashley Reyes) sift through the clutter. Lastly, the family works together on a fundraiser.

Also starring Molly Hagan and Mitch Pileggi.

Ben Hernandez Bray directed the episode written by Blythe Ann Johnson (#403).


Walker – 4×02 Maybe It’s Maybelline

Release date: April 10th

Synopsis: When Maybelline (guest star Debra Mooney), an 80-year-old grandmother and witness, is in crucial need of protective custody, Walker (Jared Padalecki), Cassie (Ashley Reyes) and Trey (Jeff Pierre) are charged with keeping the acerbic matriarch safe, and though Walker and crew call the plays, the wise elder is the one keeping score. Cassie grapples with a big decision and asks Geri (Odette Annable) for help to make some changes. Meanwhile, Stella (Violet Brinson) wants to move on but continues to struggle with her grief and Liam (Keegan Allen) tries to help. Lastly, August (Kale Culley) wants to join an after-school program and asks Bonham (Mitch Pileggi) to help convince Walker to sign off on the program. Also starring Molly Hagan. Steve Robin directed the episode written by Aaren Carew.


Walker – 4×01 The Quiet

Release date: April 3rd

Synopsis: It’s Walker’s birthday and Geri is pulling out all the stops, but her plans are thwarted. Walker, Captain James and Trey tackle a case together and Cassie surprises everyone with her return. Abby asks for Liam’s help to bring Stella out of her cocoon. Meanwhile, August is enjoying his senior year of high school, leaving Walker feeling like an empty nester.


As we wrap up our exploration of The CW’s Walker Season 4, we’re curious: which episode are you most excited to watch? Share your thoughts and predictions with us in the comments below, and let’s keep the conversation going! Happy viewing!

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