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On Sunday, March 19, Canadian network CTV launches a new show that's going to win our hearts immediately, Sullivan's Crossing. Let's take a first look at the show with the plot, pictures and news on its all-star cast!

Embark on our journey through the world of CTV’s Sullivan’s Crossing Season 2 with our comprehensive guide. This guide meticulously crafted for both avid fans and curious newcomers alike. As the latest season unfolds, we bring you an in-depth exploration of every episode, featuring titles, synopses, date of release and exclusive promo videos. Whether you’re gearing up for a binge-watching marathon or seeking a curated viewing experience, our article is your go-to source for unraveling the intrigue and the drama that awaits.

Join us as we break down the essential details, providing an insider’s perspective on what makes each episode of CTV’s Sullivan’s Crossing Season 2 an unmissable chapter in the unfolding narrative. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of CTV’s Sullivan’s Crossing Season 2, armed with the knowledge to enhance your viewing experience like never before!

Sullivan’s Crossing – 2×10 It’s a Wonderful Life

Release date: June 9th

Synopsis: **SEASON FINALE (PART 2)** – Maggie (Morgan Kohan), Cal (Chad Michael Murray), Frank (Tom Jackson), and Edna (Andrea Menard) work together to help Sully (Scott Patterson) keep the Crossing from falling into the wrong hands and in the process, Maggie starts to realize just how important the Crossing really is to her. Sully decides to take on a partner. Maggie works up the courage to confess her feelings to Cal, and a careless mistake may cost someone their life. Guest Star: Jayne Eastwood (WORKIN’ MOMS) and Michelle Nolden (HEARTLAND, SAVING HOPE).

Sullivan’s Crossing – 2×09 Remorse

Release date: June 9th

Synopsis: **SEASON FINALE (PART 1)** – Maggie (Morgan Kohan) enlists Cal’s (Chad Michael Murray) help after Sully (Scott Patterson) decides he must take drastic measures to set things right with Lola (Amalia Williamson). Sydney (Lindura) returns from New York hoping to reconnect with a still heartbroken Rafe (Dakota Taylor). Frank (Tom Jackson) and Edna (Andrea Menard) try to make amends. Sully makes a judgement call that will cost him dearly. Guest Stars: Cindy Sampson (PRIVATE EYES)

Sullivan’s Crossing – 2×08 Truth and Consequences

Release date: June 2nd

Synopsis: Maggie helps care for Cal’s sister and in the process learns more about his past.

Sullivan’s Crossing – 2×07 Reunions

Release date: May 26th

Synopsis: Reeling over the news of Maggie’s pregnancy, Cal receives a visitor. Phoebe and Sully start to bond over the idea of being grandparents.

Sullivan’s Crossing – 2×06

Release date: May 19th


Sullivan’s Crossing – 2×05

Release date: May 12th


Sullivan’s Crossing – 2×04 Eye of the Storm

Release date: May 5th

Synopsis: Maggie and Cal continue to fight their attraction as they are forced to wait out the storm alone at Cal’s cabin. Sydney tells Rob the real reason she quit working at the diner, and Rob admits why he’s having trouble with Finn. Maggie witnesses a new side to Cal when they help a camper in distress. Sully gets good news about his diagnosis after he and Frank return to the Crossing. Sully attempts to tell Lola the truth about her accident. Sydney has a momentary lapse of judgement that complicates things with Rafe; and Frank is finally able to help Sully remember the important thing he’s forgotten.

Sullivan’s Crossing – 2×03

Release date: April 28th



Sullivan’s Crossing – 2×02

Release date: April 21th

Synopsis: Maggie searches for clues regarding the cause of Sully’s condition as she struggles to make a decision about her own future.


Sullivan’s Crossing – 2×01 Guild Trip

Release date: April 14th

Synopsis: On the Season 2 premiere of Sullivan’s Crossing, a guilt ridden Maggie Sullivan returns to the Crossing to find Sully in hospital struggling with the feeling that he’s forgotten something. Cal Jones is confused when Maggie gives him the cold shoulder, unaware that Lola pocketed his goodbye letter. Sully connects with a new patient who is sharing his hospital room; Edna and Frank find themselves at odds for the first time in years; and Sydney and Rafe struggle to keep things platonic while living as roommates.


As we wrap up our exploration of CTV’s Sullivan’s Crossing Season 2, we’re curious: which episode are you most excited to watch? Share your thoughts and predictions with us in the comments below, and let’s keep the conversation going! Happy viewing!

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