Your Ultimate Guide to CBS’ FBI Season 6: Episodes, Synopsis, Sneak Peeks & more Revealed! – WATCH

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Embark on our journey through the world of CBS’ FBI Season 6 with our comprehensive guide. This guide meticulously crafted for both avid fans and curious newcomers alike. As the latest season unfolds, we bring you an in-depth exploration of every episode, featuring titles, synopses, date of release and exclusive promo videos. Whether you’re gearing up for a binge-watching marathon or seeking a curated viewing experience, our article is your go-to source for unraveling the intrigue and the drama that awaits.

Join us as we break down the essential details, providing an insider’s perspective on what makes each episode of CBS’ FBI Season 6 an unmissable chapter in the unfolding narrative. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of CBS’ FBI Season 6, armed with the knowledge to enhance your viewing experience like never before!

Your Ultimate Guide to CBS' FBI Season 6: Episodes, Synopsis, Sneak Peeks & more Revealed! - WATCH
Your Ultimate Guide to CBS’ FBI Season 6: Episodes, Synopsis, Sneak Peeks & more Revealed! – WATCH

“Tiffany (played by recent Katherine Renee Kane) will continue to struggle at times with her colleague’s death,” exec producer Rick Eid tells Inside Line, “but she will eventually get a chance to confront the man responsible.” 

Rick Eid Steps Down After 6 Hit Seasons

“After six years of running two, or more, shows, and CBS now picking up FBI for three more years, this was the perfect time for me to step back and focus my efforts on running Law & Order and developing new projects,” Eid said in a statement. “I’m extremely proud of FBI, and couldn’t be happier for the cast, crew and producers. While I will no longer be the day-to-day showrunner, I intend to remain involved with the show going forward.”

FBI – 6×13 Reaper

Release date: May 21th

Synopsis: The Somalian terrorist group behind the death of Agent Hobbs resurfaces, sending the team on a chase to take them down for good.

FBI – 6×12 Consequences

Release date: May 14th

Synopsis: When a truck driver is murdered and the drug he was transporting goes missing, the team hunts for those behind the remaining batch that is already wreaking havoc on the streets of New York. Meanwhile, Jubal is thrust closer to the case when the identified suspect is someone close to him.

FBI – 6×11 No one Left Behind

Release date: May 7th

Synopsis: The team is thrown into a highly political case after four members of the Taliban are shot and one is kidnapped in New York with no record of their entrance into the country. Having served in the U.S. Army, this case hits close to home for OA, who struggles to open up to Gemma about his past in Afghanistan

FBI – 6×10 Family Affair

Release date: April 23th

Synopsis: After an FDIC security guard is killed while tending to a pregnant woman in distress, the team works to locate the woman and the killer who took her hostage. Meanwhile, OA and Isobel worry about Maggie as she navigates taking care of Ella.

FBI – 6×09 Best Laid Plans

Release date: April 16th

Synopsis: When a retired FBI agent is tortured and killed while working a security job, Scola and Nina (FBI: MOST WANTED) go undercover as a married couple deep in the diamond game as the team tries to find out who is responsible. During the course of his and Nina’s dangerous assignment, Scola is plagued by the possibility that their son Doug could end up parentless.

“Later in the season, we’ll see OA continue to navigate his romantic relationship with Gemma. He will be involved in a case that forces him to confront his past… and his future with Gemma.” – EP Rick Eid

FBI – 6×08 Phantom

Release date: April 9th

Synopsis: After an employee of the U.S. Army is shot in an industrial park, the team works to track down the killer who reveals a larger plot at play. Meanwhile, Tiffany continues to struggle with the guilt surrounding Hobbs’ death.

FBI – 6×07 Behind the Veil

Release date: April 2nd

Synopsis: When a bombing at a local restaurant leaves several injured or dead, including a congresswoman and someone close to Isobel, the team races to apprehend the suspect before another explosive goes off.

FBI – 6×06 Unforeseen

Release date: March 26th

Synopsis: After multiple people are targeted and killed with a poisonous gas in broad daylight, the team races to find the killer, who they believe is tied to an eco-terrorist plot. Meanwhile, Maggie continues to explore motherhood.

FBI – 6×05 Sacrifice

Release date: March 19th

Synopsis: When the director of a Brooklyn migrant center is abducted and held hostage along with his wife, the team must work quickly to meet the demands of their kidnapper. Also, Maggie picks Jessica’s brain about motherhood.


FBI – 6×04 Creating a Monster

Release date: March 12th

Synopsis: When a federal judge is gunned down execution-style in broad daylight, the team is sent looking for a suspect with ties to a local Islamic center. Also, Maggie reunites with a former colleague while things become tense between OA and his girlfriend Gemma in the aftermath of her friend’s death.

Charlotte Sullivan will appear from Episode 4 for an arc of episodes, where Peregrym’s Maggie Bell reunites with Jessica Blake, a former colleague and mom, kickstarting an arc in which Maggie herself mulls the idea of motherhood.

“Maggie is great friends with Jessica and her daughter,” Peregrym previewed for TVLine. “They’ve known each other since Quantico, but their paths cross professionally as their tasks intersect.”

Things become tense between OA and Gemma (in the aftermath of her friend’s death), former Scorpion front man Elyes Gabel guest-stars as a Hassan, a man who factors into the Case of the Week (involving a local Islamic center).


FBI – 6×03 Stay in Your Line

Release date: February 27th

Synopsis: When a local club owner is found dead, the team works quickly to find the motive behind the murder of a seemingly innocent man; OA is smitten with a new love interest, but is concerned that she’s mixed up with the wrong crowd.

Gemma Brooks, and she will be played on a recurring basis by Comfort Clinton.


FBI – 6×02 Remorse

fbi 6x02
Release date: February 20th

Synopsis: After the president of the NY Fed is gunned down trying to help a young woman in peril, the team races to find the killer and the missing woman. Additionally, a distressing connection to one of Jubal’s past cases is revealed during the investigation, compounding the pressure on him as he also deals with his son’s school suspension.


FBI – 6×01 All the Rage

Release date: February 13th

Synopsis: The team jumps into action to take down the terrorist organization responsible for a bus explosion.


As we wrap up our exploration of CBS’ FBI Season 6, we’re curious: which episode are you most excited to watch? Share your thoughts and predictions with us in the comments below, and let’s keep the conversation going! Happy viewing!

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