Your Ultimate Guide to CBS’ FBI Most Wanted Season 5: Episodes, Synopsis, Sneak Peeks & more Revealed! – WATCH


Embark on our journey through the world of CBS’ FBI Most Wanted Season 5 with our comprehensive guide. This guide meticulously crafted for both avid fans and curious newcomers alike. As the latest season unfolds, we bring you an in-depth exploration of every episode, featuring titles, synopses, date of release and exclusive promo videos. Whether you’re gearing up for a binge-watching marathon or seeking a curated viewing experience, our article is your go-to source for unraveling the intrigue and the drama that awaits.

Join us as we break down the essential details, providing an insider’s perspective on what makes each episode of CBS’ FBI Most Wanted Season 5 an unmissable chapter in the unfolding narrative. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of CBS’ FBI Most Wanted Season 5, armed with the knowledge to enhance your viewing experience like never before!

Your Ultimate Guide to CBS’ FBI Most Wanted Season 5: Episodes, Synopsis, Sneak Peeks & more Revealed! – WATCH

When I asked Shantel VanSanten to tease the season-ending plan, she got a big smile and answered, “Let’s just say it’s going to be a big day…. What else can I hint? We’ll be lucky if it rains, because I hear it’s good luck if it rains on certain big days.”

FBI Most Wanted – 5×13 Powderfinger

Release Date: May 21th

Synopsis: The Fugitive Task Force races to catch the culprit threatening Manhattan with a dirty bomb. Meanwhile, Ray prepares to celebrate a major life milestone as his wedding to Cora approaches.

FBI Most Wanted – 5×12 Derby Day

Release Date: May 14th

Synopsis: When a mob-connected police informant is found murdered before a major crime boss is being indicted on federal charges, the Fugitive Task Force goes on a hunt for the killers. Meanwhile, Hana grows closer to Ethan.

FBI Most Wanted – 5×11 Radio Silence

Release Date: May 7th

Synopsis: When two NYPD officers are gunned down by a mystery assailant while responding to a robbery, the Fugitive Task Force must act quickly to catch the culprit before more officers are targeted. Meanwhile, Barnes struggles when Charlotte wants to proceed with a divorce and threatens to relocate with the kids.

FBI Most Wanted – 5×10 Bonne Terre

Release Date: April 23th

Synopsis: When a federal judge and his wife are shot dead in New York, the Fugitive Task Force goes on the hunt and finds a connection to a man who is hours away from being executed in Missouri. Meanwhile, Remy (Dylan McDermott) and Hana (Keisha Castle-Hughes) both grapple with being single and living alone. And with that logline tease, the glimpses we’re getting of these new characters, and their descriptions, we can’t help but wonder.

Susan Misner and Michael Raymond-James guest star in this episode. Misner plays Abby Deaver, a charismatic Missouri attorney whose client on death row is connected to the case the Fugitive Task Force is pursuing. And Raymond-James plays Ethan McPherson, an Air Marshall who catches Hana’s eye during a flight. There’s definitely part of us that can’t help but wonder what these two characters might be hiding.

FBI Most Wanted – 5×09 The Return

Release Date: April 16th

Synopsis: When two armed guards are gunned down while transporting millions of dollars’ worth of Nigerian artifacts to a Brooklyn museum, the Fugitive Task Force races to catch the thieves. Also, Ray speaks to his father (guest star Steven Williams) about taking his relationship with Cora to the next level.

FBI Most Wanted – 5×08 Supply Chain

Release Date: April 11th

Synopsis: A drug deal between two teens is interrupted when a middle-aged woman abducts them at gunpoint, sending the Fugitive Task Force on the hunt to rescue them. Also, Nina and Scola (FBI) bump heads over parenting styles.

Shantel Preview this episode

“Parenting with two working parents, that have the same job and that are in the FBI, is a challenge in and of itself, and we see that. But it’s a little bit more about diving into Nina and her past and her upbringing. It’s about the way that that’s really affecting her and her feelings about herself as a mother — and the way that she’s showing up in the relationship [with Scola] as well.”

“When I joined Most Wanted, [characters] asked me, ‘How’s the baby? How are you doing? You look great!’ And then I don’t really talk about it again,” VanSanten shares with a laugh. “So we’ve had running jokes about where baby Dougie has been.”

For example: “I learned that Hana (played by Keisha Castle-Hughes) has had a revolving door of different roommates, so we made this joke that baby Dougie must be her next roommate!” says the actress. “We’ve found many, many jokes on-set, but I’m excited that we patiently waited [for this two-part crossover, continuing with the April 16 episode of FBI] — and hopefully the payoff is great for the fans.” “It was a very up in the air,” VanSanten recalls. “It was only really because I got the job on Most Wanted that Dougie gets to ‘be in existence,’ which is bizarre to say, but in show business that’s what happens.”

FBI Most Wanted – 5×07 Rendition

Release Date: April 2nd

Synopsis: The Fugitive Task Force springs into action after four detectives are shot dead during a prisoner exchange outside of a diner in New Jersey. Meanwhile, Remy struggles with having Corey as a roommate.

FBI Most Wanted – 5×06 Fouled Out

Release Date: March 26th

Synopsis: After the Fugitive Task Force mobilizes to help apprehend an active shooter on a college campus in Queens, they find themselves in the middle of the glitzy world of college basketball. Also, Barnes and Charlotte attempt to work on their relationship.

FBI Most Wanted – 5×05 Desperate

Release date: March 19th

Synopsis: When a high school debate team and their English teacher are kidnapped in rural Pennsylvania, the Fugitive Task Force rushes to the scene to find out who took them and what they want before it’s too late. Also, Remy helps Corey out of a bind.


FBI Most Wanted – 5×04 Hollow

Release date: March 12th

Synopsis: The task force heads upstate to assist in a search for missing and murdered Indigenous women and hunt down the serial killer responsible; Barnes struggles to find time to bond with her wife.


FBI Most Wanted – 5×03 Ghost in the Machine

Release date: February 27th

Synopsis: The Fugitive Task Force jumps into action to find out who murdered the woman whose visage is the face of a popular AI bot.


FBI Most Wanted – 5×02 Footsteps

Release date: February 20th

Synopsis: The Fugitive Task Force launches into full gear after multiple bombings appear to be targeting retired NYPD officers. Also, Ray decides he’s ready to take the next step in his relationship with Cora.


FBI Most Wanted – 5×01 Above & Beyond

Release date: February 13th

Synopsis: When a mysterious deal goes south, leaving behind multiple bodies, the Fugitive Task Force heads to Virginia to put the pieces together with the help of a familiar face and new addition to the team, Special Agent Nina Chase (new series regular Shantel VanSanten). Also, Remy continues to grapple with the aftermath of connecting with his long-lost nephew.


As we wrap up our exploration of CBS’ FBI Most Wanted Season 5, we’re curious: which episode are you most excited to watch? Share your thoughts and predictions with us in the comments below, and let’s keep the conversation going! Happy viewing!

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