Will Trent Season 1: Preview on Episode 9 – WATCH


On March 21Episode 9 of new drama Will Trent is airing on ABC. Let’s a take a first exclusive look!

Will Trent Season 1: Preview on Episode 5 – SYNOPSIS
Will Trent Season 1: Preview on Episode 9 – SYNOPSIS


CBS has released a synopsis from Will Trent Season 1×09 “Manhunt” – We’ll upload more as soon as they’re available!

When a convicted criminal takes one of the GBI agents hostage and is accused of murder, Will and Ormewood discover some evidence which could prove their innocence. Meanwhile, Angie struggles with sobriety when she finds out her former abuser is free.


Ramon Rodriguez (Will Trent)
Sonja Sohn(Amanda Wagner)
Iantha Richardson (Faith Mitchell)
Jake McLaughlin (Michael Ormewood)
Erika Christensen (Angie Polaski)

WRITTEN BY: Henry “Hank” Jones
DIRECTED BY: Patricia Cardoso

Ramón Rodríguez Teases Rising Tension With Angie

Unexpected twists abound on freshman crime drama Will Trent on Tuesday, March 21, says Ramón Rodríguez, who plays quirky Will Trent, an Atlanta-based Georgia Bureau of Investigation special agent.

In this installment, the suited Trent pairs with fiery Atlanta Police Department detective Michael Ormewood (Jake McLaughlin) to quell a hostage situation involving a colleague and an escaped murderer (Vince Swann).

“Will questions the APD and how they handle [the case],” Rodríguez explains. “It puts him and Ormewood at odds, but they work together to save one of their own.”

But more than work stirs up trouble. Both men are connected to Ormewood’s guarded partner, Detective Angie Polaski (Erika Christensen). We know Trent and Polaski share a love that’s best labeled “It’s complicated.” Not helping: Polaski, keeping no secrets, recently told Trent she’s slept with Ormewood. Ouch!

As for Polaski, she’s distracted by a bigger problem — staying sober. Feeling uncertain about who to lean on doesn’t ease any cravings. She and Will “can say the honest things they want to say to each other — but not to each other,” Rodríguez says, adding that the tension will continue.

“On TV, they want things to rip and run,” he says, but the characters have “been trying to pump the brakes.” Fine by us as long as the gas tank is full.

Promotional pictures

CBS has released some promotional pictures from Will Trent Season 1×09 – We’ll upload them as soon as they’re available!


CBS has released any specific promo or sneak peeks from Will Trent Season 1×09 – We’ll upload them as soon as they’re available!

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