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If you thought you’d seen Miranda Rae Mayo before seeing her as Stella Kidd in Chicago Fire, you might be right. But where have you seen Chicago Fire‘s Stella Kidd before?

Blood & Oil, a 2015 ABC soap-opera

lacey briggs

In 2015 Miranda Rae Mayo was among the protagonists of the ill-fated ABC soap opera Blood & Oil, which lasted only 10 episodes. Miranda played Lacey Briggs, the daughter of the leading tycoon. In this role, Miranda plays a much more slimy and controversial person than Kidd.

With her in the cast well-known characters from TV series such as Don Johnson (“Miami”), Chace Crawford (“Gossip Girl”; “The Boys”), Scott Michael Foster (“Once upon a Time”; “Crazy ex-girlfriend”) and India de Beaufort (“One Tree Hill”).

She played Talia on Pretty Little Liars Season 5

2015 was very full for Mayo’s career, she also had a small role on Pretty Little Liars Season 5. Miranda played Talia, a love interest of Emily’s, married to a man. The role didn’t last long but perhaps she was used to be noticed for other productions.


A tiny part in True Detective

vera machiado
Miranda Rae Mayo as Vera Machiado on True Detective.

Also in 2015 Miranda Rae Mayo took part in the second season of the TV series True Detective as Vera Machiado, was a 24-year-old waitress whose disappearance is investigated by Ani Bezzerides and his partner Elvis Ilinca, protagonists of the TV series.

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