What’s the Outlander character most similar to you? – QUIZ

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Which one is the Outlander character who could be your best friend? Find it out with our brand new personality quiz!

Jamie and Claire on Outlander Season 5 – Credit: STARZ

The characters in the STARZ fantasy-historical drama are so different that each of us can find our own soul mate – find out which Outlander character is more similar to you!

Put yourself to the test and let’s find out together who among Claire, Roger, Brianna or Jamie has the most similar personality to each of you!

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Share your results on which Outlander character is the most similar to you with us in the comments!

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  1. I knew that before I started the quiz. Jamie was a lot like my dad. Dad and I did a lot of colluding on my mom. He always said I should have been the boy and my brother should have been the girl. I was way too adventurist before woman’s lib and still am.


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