What if the main characters of Chicago Fire were Marvel superheroes?


What happens when one combines the characters of Chicago Fires House 51 with the greatest superheroes ever assembled? The Marvel Cinematic Universe has no shortage of great story arcs, battles, and intrigue. Chicago Fire does not slouch when it comes to great storylines either. But could the cast of Chicago Fire step into the shoes of those in the MCU?

Chicago Fire cast

Kelly Severide (Daredevil)

Taylor Kinney (Kelly Severide) on the left, Charlie Cox (Daredevil) on the right

Much like Daredevil, Kelly Severide has his own demons that often show their ugly faces and take over. For Matt Murdock, he dealt with his by donning the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen suit and saving the city. For Severide, it’s the armor of the Chicago Fire Department. Like Matt, there have been several women in Severide’s life. However, he has pushed them to the side out of selfishness.

Severide is fearless and the more you knock him down, the more he keeps getting up and coming back. He lost his best friend Shay. Lost his father, lost another woman he loved in Anna, and was almost killed by Stella’s ex-husband. And yet, there he is still doing his civic duty.

Matt Casey (Captain America)

Jesse Spencer (Matt Casey) on the left and Chris Evans (Captain America) on the right

Is there any doubt about Matt Casey taking on the role of Captain America? While Matt is not as pure as Cap, Matt comes pretty close. Aside from his looks, Matt will do whatever has to be done to save the day. Much like Cap, it’s putting everyone before him, even in his love life.

While Gabby was arguably his soulmate, Matt knew that letting her walk away was the best decision. Let’s not forget how his actions and sacrifices on the job have more than enough earned him the Captain moniker. He has always taken to a challenge the same way Cap did with The Avengers.

Brian “Otis” Zvonecek (Iron Man)

Yuri Sardarov (Otis) on the left and Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) on the right

Iron Man is embedded in MCU history as the millionaire playboy, but his heroic status was cemented in Endgame after his sacrifice. Otis, despite not receiving as much screentime as Matt or Severide, will live on forever in the hearts of Chicago Fire fans as the one character who’s death never made any sense.

Otis was the glue to House 51, just as Tony Stark figured he was for The Avengers. No one knows what the team will be like in Phase 4 without his presence but Chicago Fire fans know what House 51 is like without Otis.

Stella Kidd (Black Widow)

Miranda Rae Mayo (Stella Kidd) on the left and Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) on the right

Black Widow was loved by everybody. Stella has done enough with her time in uniform for her to be on the fast track to Lieutenant. As with Black Widow, her past was murky but she made up for that with her actions well before she gave her life to save the world.

Stella has the same qualities and will fall right in line with the characteristics of Natasha. Stella’s ‘Girl On Fire’ Program has given young girls in Chicago a purpose. Although not one of the strongest members in the MCU in regards to powers, Natasha is resourceful.

Wallace Boden (Nick Fury)

Eamonn Walker (Wallace Boden) on the left and Samuel L Jackson (Nick Fury) on the right

Every team needs a leader and Wallace Boden more than fits that bill for House 51. Even the toughest superheroes need guidance and that’s the trait Boden shares with the ageless Nick Fury. Boden would easily fill Fury’s shoes with his hands-on approach.

Although Boden is more compassionate than his MCU counterpart, he does know when to drop the hammer if needed. Besides all of his leadership skills, it would be pretty cool to see Chief Boden with an eye-patch and leather coat.

Kara Killmer (Sylvie Brett) on the left and Chloe Bennett (Daisy Johnson) on the right

Sylvie Brett (Daisy Johnson)

Sylvie Brett entered as the new girl but would soon take the mantle as the top female lead character on Chicago Fire. Much like Daisy in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Daisy took those honors as well. Brett would be the best candidate to take on Daisy’s role as she has the superhero gene to help others.

Sylvie is tough, fearless, and puts other’s needs in front of hers. Much like Daisy Johnson, Sylvie will go the extra mile to do what has to be done – even if that means going against the orders of her superiors.

Christian Stolte (Mouch) on the left, Tilda Swinton (The Ancient One) on the right

Randy “Mouch” McHolland (The Ancient One)

House 51 is a close bunch but even they have a wise one that others go to, to receive some guidance. For the cast of Chicago Fire, that person is Mouch. The Ancient One knew what the world had the moment Dr. Strange made his way into the MCU. He was a bit of a headache but he learned and would become the most powerful of them all.

Mouch has paid his dues in the CFD but he still has the love and desire to keep going. His job now is to teach and protect the rights of the newbies coming on the scene. He appears to be lazy, but Mouch, much like The Ancient One, provides the wisdom needed for the real heroes to make their mark.

David Eigenberg (Christopher Hermann) on the left, Clark Gregg (Philip Coulson) on the right

Christopher Herrmann (Phil Coulson)

What makes Christopher Herrmann the perfect candidate to play Phil Coulson is his ability to lead. While he does a few things that are questionable, Herrmann leads with his heart. He had to wait his turn the same way Coulson did with Nick Fury standing in front of him. But given the opportunity to lead his own team, Coulson more than proved he was the right man for the job.

Herrmann has always been a leader. In the Firehouse and at home. He’s been a source of knowledge for the next generation of firefighters. No one is perfect, but Herrmann embraces his flaws and does his best to make things right.

Monica Raymund (Gabriella Dawson) on the left, Élodie Yung (Elektra) on the right

Gabriela Dawson (Elektra)

Gabriela Dawson is not a terrible person. The reason she can relate to a character like Elektra is due to their inability to get past their own selfishness. Much like Elektra, Gabby means well most of the time. Their heart belongs to a specific person but their head is telling them to look out for themselves. They are always in a constant battle.

What drove fans away from Gabby is the same reason fans were happy to see Gabby leave Chicago Fire. Matt Murdock would give his life for Elektra, the same way Matt Casey would give his life for Gabby. Each woman took advantage of that and took their Matt’s for granted.

Joe Minoso (Joe Cruz) on the left, Mike Colfer (Luke Cage) on the right

Joe Cruz (Luke Cage)

No, Cruz is not bulletproof but he does share some of the same traits that Luke Cage does. Cruz wants to save everyone in Chicago and that began with his brother. While Cage came home from prison and decided to use his powers for good, Cruz pulled his way through the tough streets of Chicago and now has opened doors for those in the same position.

Cruz has a good heart but that same good heart has been known to get him in hot water, the same with Cage. Nevertheless, he would be the Chicago Fire representative to take over the mantle as Cage in the MCU.

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