Virgin River: which character would you be based on your zodiac sign?

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Virgin River is a series rich of characters, all different from each other: have you ever thought about which character would you be based on your zodiac sign?

Here’s every Virgin River character associated with a zodiac sign!
Disclaimer: the signs have been associated according to the characteristics of the individual characters and the zodiacal signs. The birth date of the characters is unknown.

Aries – Jack

Chi è Martin Henderson, Jack in Virgin River: Instagram e serie TV

Aries does what they want and does things their own way. They are not afraid of conflict, they are highly competitive, honest and direct. Jack is the perfect Aries! A bit stubborn, impulsive and brave, he would do anything for the people he cares about!
Aries, like Jack, are determined, resourceful, like to stay active and hate to waste time. Not surprisingly, Jack loves being outdoors and spends his free time in nature doing all kinds of activities!

Taurus – Mark

Virgin River é oficialmente renovada para a 3ª temporada na Netflix em 2021  | Netflix, Temporadas, Série de televisão

Mark emanates that stability and security typical of a Taurus! When everything else seems to fall apart, those born under this sign are an oasis of calm, a rock of reliability. Mark is also loyal, charismatic, intelligent and responsible, all traits of those born under this constellation!

Geminis – Charmaine

Virgin River segno zodiacale zodiac sign

Gemini can be a bit moody, chatty, curious and ambiguous, often even double-faced. Charmaine I would say that represents this sign well! Geminis, however, are also great communicators, very responsive and sensitive listeners. Geminis are afraid of being alone. That’s why they tend to have big social circles and always have a partner. Charmaine in fact always needs someone at her side and fears loneliness, even if she tries not to show it.

Cancer – Mel

Anticipazioni Virgin River 2 da Alexandra Breckenridge e Martin Henderson

Mel is the perfect representation of the sign of Cancer! People born under the sign of Cancer are emotional, intuitive, have a great sixth sense and can get really moody sometimes. They can also show their worst traits when they can’t handle their feelings, like Mel running away from too painful situations. Given her empathy and predisposition to help others, nursing is the perfect job for her!

Leo – Muriel

Virgin River segno zodiacale zodiac sign

People born under this sign love to be the center of attention. Leo is self-centered, charismatic, very proud and does not let anyone step on thier head. Muriel is the perfect example! Under this armor made of charm and radiance hides a certain sensitivity. They are very loyal and would do anything for those who love!

Virgin – Preacher

Virgin River: segno zodiacale zodiac sign

Those born under the sign of Virgo are perfectionists, altruists, analytical and responsible. Preacher runs the kitchen, is always organized and manages to do everything perfectly! They are often introverted and for this reason they are not of too much words!

Libra – Ricky

Virgin River: 7 mistérios da 3ª temporada e o que pode acontecer em  continuação

Those born under the sign of Libra are diplomatic, balanced, loyal, idealistic and always seek to do the best for the common good. Ricky represents the sign well! Both Ricky and the sign of Libra avoid conflicts and confrontation at any cost. These traits lead them to be manipulated by others. Libras also have a tendency to be indecisive.

Scorpio – Brady

Virgin River: Secondo Benjamin Hollingsworth Brady è innocente! -

Scorpio is a water sign, along with Cancer and Pisces. Water signs have the reputation of being the most sensitive signs, but Scorpio is a bit different because, at first glance, it doesn’t look that way at all. They look very cold but hide a very sensitive side that comes out only after breaking down the walls that Scorpio builds around him. We can see these features in Dan Brady, the bad boy on duty who hides a good soul!

Sagittarius – Hope

Virgin River 3 zodiac sign segno zodiacale

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are independent, loyal and love their freedom. They love to know everything about everyone, just like Hope, but not for gossip: they are simply very curious people, like children!

Capricorn – Doc

Virgin River zodiac sign segno zodiacale

Doc is very stubborn, one of the main characteristics of Capricorn. As his sign, he is also determined, practical, ambitious and disciplined. Capricorns have a tendency to be know-it-all, they need to be in leadership positions and are driven by duty and an intense desire to achieve their goals.

Aquarius – Lizzie

Virgin River Season 3: Lizzie's Future — Sarah Dugdale Interview | TVLine

Sometimes described as strange, Aquarius is creative, intellectual and innovative. Lizzie is the perfect representation of the sign: they are free, different and do not like someone to impose something on them. This is evident from her rebellious acts, from her need for freedom and from following her own rules.

Pisces – Lily


Pisces is the most sensitive, romantic and dreamer sign of the zodiac and Lily is the perfect representation. This sign has a strong creativity and often works in the arts. Lily represents this sign well: she is very sensitive and romantic, but also nostalgic!


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