Virgin River – How much do you know about the Californian town stories?


The Virgin River sewing club is a little short of new members and they are looking for you, Virgin River fans. How well do you know all the Californian town stories? Find out with our new quiz on the Netflix romantic drama!

Sguardo esclusivo alla stagione 2 di Virgin River | Recensione ~ Survived  the Shows

It all begins with the arrival of Melinda Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) in the California town, Virgin River. It is from here that a journey of rediscovery, love, friendship, passion, laughter and tears for rivers and woods begins. Every breath of the wind hides a secret. Everyone knows everything about everyone, but once set it is like being in the family. That’s why, although she was initially skeptical, Melinda decided to stay and be embraced by the mountain breeze and morning runs. Let’s add the thrill of helping patients in difficulty every day, and a passionate and overwhelming love, and it’s all perfect.

Every person in that town has a story, sometimes even connected to each other, that during the series are gradually brought to light. How much do you remember about all the stories of the Virgin River citizens? At the level of the sewing club or even more? Test yourself with our quiz!

This quiz no longer exists

Share with us your results on how well you know the story of Virgin River in the comments and may the best win!

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