Virgin River: do you recognize every house from a detail? | Quiz

virgin river house home quiz

Virgin River has breathtaking locations, and this also applies to the house of the characters: can you recognize them by a detail with our quiz? Test yourself with our quiz!

virgin river case house home quiz

Virgin River is a comforting series, despite its drama. This sense of calm and peace is given above all by the spectacular locations that this series offers us: from woods to rivers, from spectacular waterfalls to breathtaking sunsets. But even the buildings characterize a city and those of Virgin River, with their somewhat rustic style, make anyone feel at ease. Among the buildings that make a city unique, there are certainly the municipality, the bars and, above all, houses!

Homes play a key role in defining the identity of a city and those of Virgin River have the power to make you feel right at home. If you think you can recognize whose Virgin River characters live in these house by a detail, then try our quiz! You will have to look at the image above each question, which shows a detail, and guess who the house belongs to!

This quiz no longer exists

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