TV ‘s Best Weddings of All Time!

Best TV Weddings Ever

Here’s the thing about TV weddings: It’s seldom easy to say “I do” without much ado.

In TV Line’s list below, the weddings may not have always gone off without a tiny hitch (or, you know, the intrusion of Nazis from an alternate Earth), but they were memorable affairs tailor-made for the duo saying “I do.”

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Jemma and Leopold

Agents SHIELD FitzSimmons Wedding
TV ‘s Best Weddings of All Time!

What began as a very bad day — Coulson realized he was dying — took a decidedly upward turn when Coulson & Co. surprised Fitz (and us!) with a picture-perfect wedding, to Simmons. The beautiful, drama-free ceremony was timed perfectly to the Marvel series’ 100th episode, and among other things it featured the stealth reveal, at least to viewers, that Deke from the future is FitzSimmons’ grandkid! (Watch video above.)

Beverly Hills, 90210: Donna and David

BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 wedding
TV ‘s Best Weddings of All Time!

After Donna lost her virginity to David in Season 7, the couple’s relationship was an on-and-off roller coaster. Thankfully, they got it together in time for the show’s series finale.

The Big Bang Theory: Bernadette and Howard

Big Bang Theory wedding
TV ‘s Best Weddings of All Time!

Despite Leonard, Sheldon and the rest of the gang totally hogging their friends’ spotlight, Howard and Bernadette’s rooftop ceremony was romantic, succinct and — much like the lovebirds themselves — thoroughly quirky.

Bones: Booth and Brennan

Bones Wedding
TV ‘s Best Weddings of All Time!

After nine seasons, the couple’s vows felt so rich and earned, especially Brennan’s words (read from a note she wrote to Booth while buried alive years earlier): “How is it possible that simply looking into your fine face gives me so much joy? Why does it make me so happy that every time I try to sneak a peek at you, you’re already looking at me? Like you, it makes no sense. And like you, it feels right.”

Boy Meets World: Cory and Topanga

TV ‘s Best Weddings of All Time!

Arguably the most satisfying TV wedding of all time — seriously, we followed this couple’s every step, from their first kiss in middle school — Cory and Topanga’s ceremony also served up one of the most emotional episodes of the series… even if it wasn’t technically supposed to be their big day. (Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Peterman!)

The Brady Bunch: Mike and Carol

TV ‘s Best Weddings of All Time!

With the classic sitcom’s very first episode, we began the story of a man named Brady (busy with three boys of his own) and his marriage to a lady named Carol (who was bringing up three very lovely girls). The mayhem that ensued when the girls’ cat got chased around the venue by the boys’ dog, culminating in a wedding cake fiasco, loosened up the about-to-be-blended clans and set the tone for the years to come.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jake and Amy

Brooklyn Nine Nine Wedding

Much like Jake Peralta’s butt, Amy Santiago’s wedding vows were “da bomb.” But perhaps even better was hearing wedding officiant Captain Holt admit that it’d been a true pleasure to watch their “distracting, childish rivalry evolve into a distracting, childish courtship.”

Brothers and Sisters: Kevin and Scotty

Brothers Sisters Wedding

Not even Scotty’s disapproving parents could stand in the way of the historic union. (It was the first same-sex commitment ceremony between series regulars to be depicted on network TV.)

Charmed: Leo and Piper

CHarmed Wedding Leo Piper

Besides the fact that Piper and Leo had to literally defy the heavens in order to form their perfect union, we dare you to find another TV wedding officiated by a damn ghost. No, really, take all the time you need.

Chicago Fire: Casey and Dawson

Chicago Fire Wedding

The NBC drama has had its fair share of fancy weddings, which makes the casual but meaningful nature of Casey and Dawson’s impromptu nuptials – they got hitched in the courthouse, wearing their uniforms – truly stand out. They simply couldn’t wait another second.

Chuck: Sarah and Chuck

Chuck Wedding Sarah

“You can count on me,” the spy told his bride. You can also count on smiling like a fool throughout the sweet scene, which even got Casey a little verklempt.

Cougar Town: Grayson and Jules


After a magical wedding on the beach, the Cul de Sac crew’s central couple rode off into the sunset on horseback.

A Different World: Dwayne and Whitley

A Different World Wedding

Winners: Dwayne, Whitley and the studio audience, which exploded in catcalls when he stopped the love of his life from marrying another man.

Losers: Jilted groom Byron, the bridesmaids (those dresses!) and whoever had to catch Whitley’s mom when she swooned.

Downton Abbey: Matthew and Mary

Downton Abbey Wedding Mary Matthew

Before he met his demise (sob!), Matthew and Mary had one elegant and unpredictable wedding. He may not have been sure if his future wife was going to show up, but we had no doubt it was meant to be.

ER: Luka and Abby

ER Wedding Luka Abby

Luka and Abby didn’t have a fairytale romance, but they did have a fairytale wedding. Not only did Kovac manage to surprise his bride with an intimate ceremony attended only by their closest friends from County General, but an unprepared Lockhart just so happened to have the perfect poem in mind (“I carry your heart in my heart…”) in lieu of traditional vows.

The Flash: Barry and Iris

Arrowverse Crisis on Earth-X Crossover

Soooo wonderful was this wedding — a stunning bride and a robust, crossover-fueled guest list! Kara sang “Running Home to You”! — that we’re letting it claim a spot even though Nazis from another Earth crashed the proceedings. Besides, Barry and Iris (…and Oliver and Felicity, grr) did say “I do” when all (meaning the “Crisis on Earth-X”) was said and done.

The Fosters: Lena and Stef

Fosters Wedding

Following the Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing same-sex marriage, Lena and Stef pledged their love in a touching ceremony officiated by their parents. Not that we needed a wedding to know the couple was committed to each other.

Friends: Phoebe and Mike

Friends Wedding Phoebe Mike

Monica and Chandler’s nuptials were great and all, but Phoeb’s happy ending was a long time coming and even a snowstorm wasn’t going to get in the way of it.

Full House: Rebecca and Jesse


Jesse’s touching nuptials were capped off by a romantic performance of The Beach Boys’ “Forever,” accompanied by a large gospel choir and a cheesy-as-all-heck montage of his time with Rebecca.

Game of Thrones: Margaery and Joffrey

Game of Thrones Wedding

It ended with the awful Joffrey’s death, so that’s a win in our book.

General Hospital: Luke and Laura

General Hospital Wedding

The 1981 wedding may only be one of TV’s best ever, but it’s inarguably daytime TV‘s best ever. Between the popularity of the couple, the lavishness of the affair and the crashers it attracted (Elizabeth Taylor, for Pete’s sake!), its no wonder the event was — and still is — the most-watched hour in soap opera history.

Gilmore Girls: T.J. and Liz

The renaissance faire-themed affair just reinforced how perfect these two kooks are for each other. Plus, it gave us Luke waltzing with Lorelai, and for that, it edges out Lane and Zack’s rockin’ reception.

Glee: Santana and Brittany… and Kurt and Blaine

Glee Double Wedding

Only the Fox series could pull off a spontaneous, double same-sex wedding without making it seem like too much of a stretch. Plus: a group performance from Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Coolidge and Gina Gershon? This was like the Oscars of gay weddings.

Gossip Girl: Blair and Chuck

Gossip Girl Wedding Blair Chuck

It might have been rushed — you know, to make sure it was over before the cops showed up to arrest both the bride and groom — but Chuck and Blair’s wedding also fit perfectly with the couple’s tumultuous history. They were too cool to even swap traditional vows, simply “three words, eight letters” from Chuck and “one word, three letters” from Blair. That’s love.

Grey’s Anatomy: Arizona and Callie

Greys Anatomy Wedding

Before hitting one seriously ugly rough patch and splitting up, the pair tied the knot in the stunning outdoors while Bailey, fittingly, officiated.

Hart of Dixie: Zoe and Wade

Hart of Dixie Wedding

Never ones to do things the traditional way, Zoe and Wade exchanged sweet vows in the hospital while she was literally being wheeled away to deliver their baby. Funny, romantic and most definitely memorable!

How I Met Your Mother: Lily and Marshall

How Met Mother Wedding

The twosome’s low-key and touching ceremony before their “official” one only made us love them more. Marshmallow + Lilypad 4ever!

I Dream of Jeannie: Tony and Jeannie

I Dream of JEannie Wedding

Midway through its fifth (and what would be final) season, Major Nelson and Jeannie made their love official, though the ceremony faced one hitch: Genies cannot be photographed! Cue a Jeannie “robot” that Dr. Bellows walked down the aisle in front of photographers, as a campy, robot-ified version of the classic “Here Comes the Bride” played.

NCIS: Los Angeles: Kensi and Deeks

NCIS Los Angeles Wedding

When a buncha bad guys rudely RSVP’d for Deeks and Kensi’s big day, Hetty returned from a disappearing act (Linda Hunt had been recuperating from her July 2018 car accident) to literally “crash” the wedding by mowing down a goon with her Mini Coop. As an added bonus, she then officiated the ceremony!

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Lois and Clark

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Sure, Lois and Clark’s wedding took a few tries — including one that resulted in Lois getting electrocuted by, we kid you not, Delta Burke as a villain named Myrtle Beech — but their super-ceremony (eventually) went off without a hitch. The episode’s title (“Swear to God, This Time We’re Not Kidding”) was merely the icing on the cake.

New Girl: Cece and Schmidt

New Girl Wedding

After having to FaceTime into the service and reception he so painstakingly planned but then missed (don’t ask), Schmidt formally weds Cece in a gorgeously intimate ceremony at the apartment. Vows about his mispronunciation of common words? Stomping the douchebag jar instead of a glass? We love a show that revels in long-running, jokey details.

The O.C.: Seth and Summer

The OC Wedding

The brief glimpse of the couple’s long-awaited big day during a flash forward montage is all that’s needed to bring on the tears. Thankfully, as if sensing the oncoming waterworks, Summer stuck out her tongue as she walked down the aisle, breaking up the hefty emotions.

The Office: Jim and Pam

The Office Wedding

It’s hard to pick a highlight — everyone dancing down the aisle? Jim and Pam’s private kodak moment? Them secretly exchanging vows on the boat? — but the look of pure happiness and love on the groom’s face has to be it.

Once Upon a Time: Emma and Hook

Once Upon a Time Wedding

In the first, 2015 edition of this list, OUAT was represented by Snow and Charming’s impromptu “Lady of the Lake”-side ceremony from Season 2 (officiated by Lancelot). But years later, the fantasy drama gave us Emma and Killian’s wedding, which featured vows that spoke to each character’s journey-to-date, punctuated by the musical episode’s final performance — the duet-turned-all Storybrooke singalong, “Happy Beginning.”

One Tree Hill: Haley and Nathan

One Tree Hill Wedding

Despite getting hitched while still in high school, these lovebirds beat the odds. They even made it to a vow renewal ceremony — all before graduation!

The Originals: Jackson and Hayley

The Originals Wedding

If you didn’t swoon when Jackson took Hayley’s hand and walked her down the aisle — a nice change of ritual — then you may need to get your heart checked.

Outlander: Jamie and Claire

Outlander Wedding

Despite the fact that Claire was marrying Jamie just to save herself from Black Jack, the vows managed to be heartfelt and emotional. And they were followed by an even more memorable wedding night.

Parenthood: Sarah and Hank

Parenthood Wedding

Any occasion that gets the entire Braverman clan in one place (and gives an ailing Zeek the chance to walk his daughter down the aisle) is a welcome one. And even though many a Parenthood fan is still mourning the loss of Sarah’s relationship with Mark, Hank had proven himself more than worthy of his lady’s love.

Parks and Recreation: Ben and Leslie

Parks and Recreation wedding

From the handcrafted dress to their vows — “I love you, and I like you” — to Ron walking Leslie down the aisle, it was all absolute perfection.

Pose: Angel and Lil Papi

Pose Wedding

Angel and Lil Papi’s sweet nuptials delivered everything we’d come to expect from the FX drama: heartfelt emotion, fabulous fashion (even the ring bearer looked like an A-lister!) and a little music, courtesy of Papi’s surprise performance of All-4-One’s “I Swear.”

Rookie Blue: Andy and Sam

Rookie Blue Wedding

After six seasons, Andy and Sam finally got their happy ending in the show’s series finale – and it was worth the wait! From the way he called her McNally in his vows to a tearful Andy saying that while she won’t obey him, she will always hear him, it was so perfectly them.

Saved by the Bell: Zack and Kelly

Saved by the Bell wedding

The couple was so iconic, they got their own TV movie, in which the longtime high school sweethearts decided to elope in Vegas before getting a proper ceremony (and a last-minute visit from Jessie!).

Schitt’s Creek: Patrick and David

Schitts Creek Wedding

David and Patrick’s sweet nuptials were memorable for a multitude of reasons — including the fact that it served as the show’s swan song — but Moira taking her role as officiant above and beyond? Absolutely priceless.

Sex and the City: Charlotte and Harry

Sex City Wedding Charlotte Harry

Everything went wrong on the day of Charlotte’s second wedding, and somehow, it was still perfect. Plus, there has never been a more stunning bride.

Smallville: Clark and Lois

Smallville Wedding

Before Clark supersuited up at the close of the two-part series finale, he donned a tux to make Lois his bride — meeting her at the start of the aisle to calm some last-minute jitters, and even passing by the spectre of his late father, Jonathan, as they marched to the altar. “Everything OK, Smallville?” asked Lois. “Everything’s perfect,” Clark replied… albeit prematurely, seeing as his Darkseid-possessed best man, Oliver, would soon waylay things with a gold kryptonite wedding band!

What are YOUR favorite TV weddings of all time? Share your picks below!

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