This Is Us – How well do you know Toby Damon? | Quiz!

toby damon this is us quiz

Toby Damon is one of the most loved characters in This Is Us: take this quiz to find out how well you really know this character!

this is us toby damon quiz

Tobias “Toby” Damon is Kate’s husband and Jack and Hailey’s father. Funny, kind and enthusiastic, Toby is a funny guy with a big heart, but he is not afraid to pursue what he wants. He’d rather live life to the fullest than face things shyly. But by far his most determining factor is his sense of humor. Toby can joke even during the most serious situations!

Although Toby has a strong sense of self-confidence, he is not entirely satisfied with his life. He started a trip to lose weight and succeeded perfectly!
In the series, Tobias “Toby” Damon is played by actor Chris Sullivan!

But do you know Toby Damon well enough to answer exactly all the questions of our This Is Us quiz ? Try!


#1. What episode did Toby have a heart attack in?

#2. What year did Toby and Kate get married?

#3. What does Toby do for a living?

#4. What’s Toby’s zodiac sign based on his birth day?

#5. When was Jack, Kate and Toby's son, born?

#6. What’s Toby’s ex-wife’s name?

#7. What chronic disease is Toby fighting?

#8. Where do Kate and Toby first meet?


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