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Randall Pearson, played by Sterling K Brown, triggered many different reactions in the fans throughout the course of the NBC’s family drama, This Is Us. Test yourself with our quiz about the great Randall Pearson, the special twin of the Pearson family!

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In the character of Randall Pearson there is something special that does not always catch the eye at a first sight.

Played by an amazing Sterling K. Brown, Randall is the most ancestral character in This Is Us. The vein of sadness, mentioned earlier, that characterizes his life is not tangible as much as imaginary. For him growing up with white parents in a context of people not very similar to him has helped to root in him the conviction that he should not always be up to the task, but must even overcome, always go further and always be something more. From an early age, Randall tried to be a true benchmark: the best, the smartest, the most studious.  Although he was adopted and grew up in a twin relationship with his siblings, Randall is undoubtedly a first-born son. On him fall several expectations, which he himself helps to feed by moving the bar of his challenges always as high as possible.

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Share your results on how much you know Randall Pearson, the Pearson family’s special twin on This Is Us with us in the comments and may the best win!

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