The Walking Dead QUIZ – How much do you know Maggie Rhee?


The Walking Dead fans, find out how much you know about Maggie Rhee with our brand new quiz!

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The Walking Dead QUIZ – How much do you know about Maggie Rhee? – Credit: AMC

Maggie Rhee is one of the few surviving main characters from the AMC television series The Walking Dead. Maggie is the last known member of her original family still alive. She is a widow and mother in a world invaded by zombies. She is the widow of Glenn Rhee and mother of Hershel.

Maggie Rhee is the former leader of the Hilltop Colony and was one of four co-leaders of the Militia, along with Rick Grimes, Ezekiel and Cyndie before its disbanding. At one point, after Rick’s supposed death, she left Hilltop with her son.

Played by the magnificent Lauren Cohan, Maggie is a smart, caring and courageous woman. She is shown as a daughter, sister, friend, wife, and loving mother. Over the seasons, her character changes radically. At the beginning of the series, before meeting Rick’s group, she had trouble adapting to the true nature of the apocalyptic world. There are many events that change her deeply, first of all the death of all her family over time and, then, the death of her husband Glenn at the hands of Negan.

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