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The AMC drama, The Walking Dead isn’t only war and the living dead, but also love and brotherhoods. Its actors and their characters are an example of this.

How much do you remember about the various brotherhoods that followed during the AMC zombie drama? Try our quiz and find out!

The Walking Dead 11: il nuovo trailer porta dietro le quinte

Previously on The Walking Dead, our survivors faced demons from the past and new threats, with friendships and relationships suffering the growing collateral damage of the apocalypse. Alexandria is seriously compromised. After the carnage and the devastation left by the Whisperers, instead of the dwelling that was once, only an old empty shell remained. Now all those living in Alexandria struggle to fortify it and feed its growing number of residents, including survivors left after the fall of the Kingdom and after the fire of Hilltop; along with Maggie and her new group, the Wardens.

We hope that in the new season you will give us many new brotherhoods, but in the meantime, put yourself to the test on how much you know about the historical brotherhoods in The Walking Dead!


#1. Who killed Merle, Daryl Dixon's brother?

#2. What's the age gap between Maggie Rhee and her step sister Beth?

#3. What's the name of Andrea (Laurie Holden)'s younger sister?

#4. How did Carl Grimes die?

#5. With whom had Paul Rovia “Jesus” a relationship?

#6. Who became Judith’s guardian after Michonne left?

#7. Who did Rosita have a daughter with?

#8. What’s the real name of the character called "Princess"?

#9. Who’s the Lucille Negan’s bat is named after?

#10. Who killed Shane Walsh?


Share with us your results on how well you know the brotherhoods of The Walking Dead in the comments and may the best win!

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