The Morning Show: 10 Highs & Lows of Bradley & Laura ’s Relationship

Il sesto episodio di The Morning Show 3 ha lasciato gli spettatori a chiedersi se la tumultuosa relazione tra Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon) e Laura Peterson (Julianna Margulies) fosse finalmente in ascesa, dopo dolorosi flashback e sguardi di desiderio. Ecco 10 degli alti e bassi più memorabili!

Episode 6 of the current third season of The Morning Show left viewers wondering if Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon) and Laura Peterson’s (Julianna Margulies) tumultuous relationship was finally on the up following painful flashbacks and longing glances. Below are 10 of the most memorable highs and lows of Bradley and Laura’s incredibly rocky relationship!

The Morning Show: 10 Highs & Lows of Bradley & Laura’s Relationship

HIGH: “Laura” (Season 2 Episode 3)

Their love story begins with a spilled coffee and an interview. UBA sends Bradley to report on the Iowa caucus, and Laura has been assigned to interview the network’s newest reporter. On the drive back from the airport, Laura asks Bradley a question off-record that is on everyone’s mind: “Did you actually get vetted for this job?” Bradley’s response is to kiss Laura — a weird way to answer a yes or no question. And while Laura seems shocked, it doesn’t stop her from reciprocating.

The Morning Show: 10 Highs & Lows of Bradley & Laura ’s Relationship

LOW: “Kill the Fatted Calf” (Season 2 Episode 4)

While the new pair seems happy as their relationship blossoms, it doesn’t take long for their first fight. Laura takes offense to Bradley publicly identifying as a straight woman after spending years struggling to be a gay woman in the industry herself. What begins as a calm conversation on Laura’s couch quickly grows into a heated argument in true Bradley style. “Go live in your delusional world,” Laura fires at Bradley. In retaliation, Bradley says a few choice words of her own before grabbing a nearby vase and throwing it to the ground.

HIGH: “Ghosts” (Season 2 Episode 5)

Suddenly Laura “miraculously” has an interview with Mayor Pete, and she and Bradley “miraculously” wind up on the same business trip (completely coincidental and not at all planned because the two didn’t get to spend Valentine’s Day together). The two enjoy their time together on UBA’s dime, feasting on champagne and room service. It’s truly an adorable sight and about time the two have a moment of peace amidst their chaotic lives.

LOW: “A Private Person” (Season 2 Episode 6)

Bradley’s excitement is palpable when Laura agrees to covering for Alex on the Morning Show. Per Laura’s request, the two plan their next night together, and Bradley is on her way to her apartment to back a bag of clothes to keep at Laura’s — until she finds her brother Hal Jackson (Joe Tippett) waiting outside her hotel room door. But despite their aforementioned plans being canceled, everything is smooth sailing for the two anchors — at least for half of their first segment together. Then Bradley’s phone buzzes, and like a domino effect so does every other phone at UBA. “Laura Peterson… And Bradley Jackson Dating?” reads a headline from the Vault, best compared to The Morning Show‘s own TMZ.

HIGH-ISH: “Confirmation” (Season 2 Episode 8)

Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) is dead, and while TMS is forced to deal with this information, Hal is high in the break room screaming, singing, and throwing whatever is in reach. Laura calls for help, and while Hal puts up a good fight, security successfully manages to get him out of the building. While in this episode there are no real highs — it actually seems to be especially low for everyone — at least Laura is able to be there for Bradley and show that the couple can survive through hardships.

HIGH: “Testimony” (Season 2 Episode 9)

The writers were generous with this episode, giving us another Bradley and Laura high moment. Covid begins to spread, and people in UBA are starting to take precaution, having studios built into homes. Laura, however, has a heart condition and plans on going to her ranch in Montana until everything blows over. But she wasn’t planning on going alone and asks her “woman,” as she refers to Bradley, to come with her.

LOW: “The Kármán Line” (Season 3 Episode 1)

In the Season 3 premiere, there is a woman in Bradley’s bed — and it is not Laura. That disappoints fans of the couple who were under the impression that everything was fine following the Season 2 finale. This episode consists of several strained and yet longing glances as Bradley accepts an award for excellence in journalism. Viewers learn that while the two did go to Montana together, it did not seem to last long. However, the reason for the breakup is very unclear to viewers, as well as to Bradley and Laura themselves. “So that’s the story you are going with,” Laura says to Bradley in what seems to be the first interaction the two have had since Bradley left Montana. The only thing that can for sure be taken away from this episode is that the once happy couple is most definitely not happy anymore.

HIGH: “The Green Light” (Season 3 Episode 4)

“Hey you.” That’s how Laura starts her text to Bradley, which is then followed by a link to a clip of comedian Fortune Feimster’s NBN show doing a bit using adorable photos of Laura and Bradley together in Montana that had leaked in the UBA hack. It’s like “a Sound of Music lesbian reboot,” jokes Feimster. Seeing the photos seems to spark something in Bradley, who immediately goes to call Laura and invite her to Cory’s party to “catch up.”

LOW: “Love Island” (Season 3 Episode 5)

What starts as a relationship high quickly unravels as viewers watch the demise of Bradley and Laura’s relationship in this painful flashback. One second, Bradley arrives at Montana, running into Laura’s arms, and the next, Laura watches Bradley drive away with no intention of coming back. The two adorably share a desk as they work together from Laura’s ranch and even announce that they are together, with Bradley adoringly calling Laura “babe” as the two joke about who makes the better coffee live on air. Then, Bradley’s mom gets COVID, and soon after she passes away. This in combination with being cooped up in the ranch during lockdown leads to Bradley lashing out at Laura, and the relationship quickly crumbles.

The Morning Show: 10 Highs & Lows of Bradley & Laura ’s Relationship

HIGH: “The Stanford Student” (Season 3 Episode 6)

Bradley and Laura get dinner, but it doesn’t really go all that well: Laura compares it to a bad first date, and Bradley abruptly gets the check in the middle. But all is well because this episode has a lot in store for the pair. In learning that Hal is back and staying with Bradley, Laura goes to Bradley’s apartment to apologize to him and ask for his approval of their relationship. She confesses her love for Bradley and her hopes in reconciling to Hal, and it seems that things are headed in a positive direction, even with Bradley not knowing about that conversation. The episode ends with Bradley yet again at Laura’s door asking for her forgiveness, but this time there isn’t a broken vase.

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