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Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Parker make up one of Hollywood’s sexiest couples

Actors Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Parker have been married since 2005. The couple shares two children, son Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe and daughter Sophie Tei Naaki Lee Kodjoe.

Despite being married for sixteen years and two kids, the couple remains deeply in love to the extent that one will think they just started dating.

Parker and Boris have an incredible love story, which began when they met on the set of the old Showtime television series “Soul Food.” During a 2015 interview with the New York Post, the couple opened up on their marriage.

“On our first date, it wasn’t like we never met each other,” Kodjoe explains. “We had been working together on Soul Food for two years. “I made out with her the first time I met her in front of cameras.”

In October 2018, Parker revealed her prayer to God while searching for a partner. She shared details of her conversation with God in an Instagram post. The actress’ prayer included making a list of all she wanted in a partner.

However, God asked her if she was ready for the man of her dreams. After examining herself, Parker realized she needed to care for herself physically and mentally.

Hence, she came up with a personal list of things she needed to do to build herself to become better. After working on herself, Boris walked into her life to bless it.

They have celebrate multiple wedding anniversaries

Since tying the knot, Boris and Parker have celebrated multiple wedding anniversaries, with each celebration being more memorable than the last. In 2017, the couple celebrated 12 years of marital bliss in the most romantic way by sharing unforgettable messages about their love.

In his post, Boris thanked his wife for being herself unapologetically and always finding the light even when the curtains are shut. He also appreciated her for being kind and graceful to their kids and for continuing to write their amazing stories with him.

I always say the minute you find your husband you make him your boyfriend,” says Parker about keeping the vibes light and fun at home. Although they go over tasks and responsibilities together they haven’t stopped the sexy pillow talk or romantic dinners at home.

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