‘The Hunting Wives’ Series Ordered at Starz! – UPDATE


Starz has officially ordered “The Hunting Wives” to series with eight episodes. Production will begin this spring in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Based on May Cobb’s best-selling novel of the same name, the story follows Sophie O’Neil and her family as they pack up their things and move away from the East Coast and head down south to East Texas where she’s introduced to socialite Margo Banks. Sophie falls prey to Margo’s irresistible charms and soon winds up consumed by obsession, seduction, and murder.

“‘The Hunting Wives’ is a juicy, suspenseful and sultry thrill-ride,” said Kathryn Busby, president of Original Programming for Starz. “We’re excited to continue to work with Rebecca and Erwin on this propulsive series that perfectly complements Starz’s slate of edgy, female-forward premium content.”

The news comes shortly after Starz canceled several shows including “Run the World,” Heels,” and “Blindspotting,” nearly clearing its programming slate.

As Variety previously reported, all three shows had recently aired their second seasons on the premium cabler. Though, “The Venery of Samantha Bird” was axed before Season 1 could premiere as the show still had two episodes of filming left. Production was paused in May when the WGA went on strike.

“The Hunting Wives” is executive produced by Rebecca Cutter (“Hightown”), who will write and serve as showrunner, and Erwin Stoff (“The Serpent Queen”) for 3 Arts Entertainment.

Lionsgate Television and 3 Arts Entertainment back the production with Alex Alberts, director of original programming, Tara Roy, director of original programming, and Christina Jokanovich, senior vice president of original programming overseeing for Starz. Scott Herbst and Courtney Mock will oversee on behalf of Lionsgate Television.

The eight-episode series is adapted from the novel by May Cobb, which drew comparisons to Desperate Housewives, Big Little Lies and Mean Girls. Production will begin in Charlotte, N.C. this spring.

‘Hunting Wives’ Starz Series Casts Malin Åkerman in Lead Role

Malin Åkerman has been cast in a leading role of the Starz series adaptation of the May Cobb novel “The Hunting Wives,” Variety has learned. Åkerman will appear in the role of Margo Banks.

Brittany Snow will make one killer transplant in the thriller The Hunting Wives.

The actress will star opposite Malin Åkerman in the upcoming Starz drama, TVLine has learned. She will portray Sophie O’Neil, whose family relocates from the East Coast to East Texas, where she falls under socialite Margo Bank’s (Åkerman) charms and sees her life consumed by obsession, seduction and murder.

Evan Jonigkeit (SweetbitterArchive 81) is joining the cast of the upcoming Starz drama The Hunting Wives in a series regular role.

Jonigkeit will play Graham O’Neil, Sophie’s (Brittany Snow) safe, solid and somewhat clueless husband. He loves his wife but does not know how to handle her emotional baggage. He thinks the move to Texas will help Sophie, and he encourages her involvement with Margo (Malin Åkerman) – but he has no idea of the Pandora’s Box it will open.

Dermot Mulroney as Jed Banks

Jed is Margo’s husband a fifth-generation oil man and alpha millionaire. A ladies’ man to the extreme, Jed loves nothing more than bringing guest stars into his and Margo’s marital bed. Although he’s considering a run for Texas Governor, he’d determined to not let public service get in the way of their good time.

Chrissy Metz as Starr

Metz will play Starr, a proud working-class woman and staunch Christian who is active at her church. Her daughter Abby dates the star point guard, Brad, and she is not welcomed into the high-society world of the Hunting Wives. As a result, she clashes fiercely with Brad’s mother, Jill.

Katie Lowes as Jill

Lowes will play Jill, wife to Reverend Clint and the queen of the megachurch. But Jill is trapped in a loveless marriage, and as a result, she’s overly invested in her son Brad’s life. It is through this fascination we’ll learn what lengths she’ll go to to protect him.

George Ferrier as Brad

Ferrier‘s character is an All-Texan boy on the outside; rich and handsome, as well as athletic, he has a bright future. But behind closed doors, Brad is the keeper of many secrets, including an emotionally incestuous relationship with his mother Jill and an affair with one of his mother’s best friends.

Jaime Ray Newman as Callie

Married to the powerful Sheriff Jonny, Newman’s Callie is a powerhouse in her own right as an amazing marksman and second-in-command of the Hunting Wives, below Margo. But Callie is also deeply in love with Margo and jealous of Sophie’s newfound influence over her.

In recurring roles, Karen Rodriguez (Swarm), Michael Aaron Milligan (Outer Banks) and Hunter Emery (Orange is the New Black) have been cast.

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Source: Variety

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