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Il 5 Novembre andrà in onda su HBO e Sky Serie il secondo episodio di The Gilded Age 2, Some Sort of Trick. Diamo un primo sguardo esclusivo!

On November 5, 2023, Episode 2 of The Gilded Age Season 2, entitled Some Sort of Trick, will be airing on HBO. Let’s take an exclusive first look!

The Gilded Age Season 2: Preview on Episode2! – SYNOPSIS


HBO has released the synopsis for The Gilded Age Season 2 Episode 2, Some Sort of Trick. Keep following us for more news about the show, we’ll upload them as soon as available!

A wide-eyed young scion of a conservative family embarks on a mission to infiltrate the wealthy neighboring clan dominated by ruthless railroad tycoon George Russell, his rakish son, Larry, and his ambitious wife, Bertha.

“I didn’t think, unless that decision had been reached, we could find the right actress, which we absolutely did, who could play the one and then play the other and reinvent herself satisfactorily as a Gilded Age hostess,” Fellowes explains of Curran’s role. “And, of course, her husband is a much older man, which is a price often paid for that kind of marriage.”

Future episodes may reveal if Mr. Winterton is privy to his wife’s past, but Fellowes says, “he’s not really interested in whether her mother was a DuPont. He knows he’s getting better sex than he’s ever had in his life, and his whole horizon has changed.”

“He’s not interested in whether Mrs. Astor doesn’t find [his wife] suitable to be a member of the Academy because, unlike a lot of the characters, Winterton is perfectly competent socially. He doesn’t need anyone to tell him he’s a gentleman; he knows it. And so he’s prepared to take on Mrs. Astor and go to the new opera house and do everything else because what he wants is to keep his wife happy and his life much more interesting than it was two years ago. And I think this is easily understood.”

Coon also teased what’s to come between Bertha and Mrs. Winterton during our set visit, saying Curran’s character is the “monkey wrench” in Bertha and George’s best-laid plans.

Director Takes Us Inside Season 2’s Scandalous New Romance

“Turner’s been dismissed, but we’ll see,” Coon warned at the time. “That may not be the last of that lie. Bertha and George are going to have to deal with some personal issues in their marriage while they’re trying to complete this rise in society.”

“It was important to me that Susan not be a cliché of an older woman, like some cougar preying on this young man, but that we reveal her heart, her deep need to live again,” the episode’s director Deborah Kampmeier. “Larry represents that life. We talked a lot about how she was Larry’s age when she got married and her life stopped. So it’s like she’s been reawakened, and she’s emotionally the same age as Larry because she was Larry’s age when she became imprisoned in her husband’s home.”

Meanwhile, a far less controversial romance was blooming between non-cousins Marian and Dashiell, complete with an intimate moment (by 1880s standards at least) on the dance floor.

“Louisa Jacobson and David Furr both are incredibly charismatic and open and playful and game,” Kampmeier says. “My understanding is that they went to dinner before we were on set together. They really did their work as actors to bring that chemistry, which I thought was really so strong when you see them together. They play so perfectly off of each other.”

Working on The Gilded Age was a “thrilling and gratifying experience” for Kampmeier, who also directed the season’s fourth episode. She’s especially “grateful that [series creator Julian Fellowes] gives so much space for these stories about such real, dynamic women in that particular period and what they were able to do in that time.”

“I always say that my job as a director is to hold space for everyone to do their best work,” she explains. “And when you’re holding space for the best to do their best work, it’s just insanely inspiring.”


HBO hasn’t released the promotional pictures for The Gilded Age Season 2 Ep2, Some Sort of Trick. Keep following us for more news about the show, we’ll upload them as soon as available!


HBO hasn’t released the promo and sneak peeks for The Gilded Age Season 2 Ep2, Some Sort of Trick. Keep following us for more news about the show, we’ll upload them as soon as available!

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