The Crown: Elizabeth Debicki Felt ‘Too Sad’ Playing Princess Diana

The Crown’ Star Elizabeth Debicki Felt ‘Too Sad’ Playing Princess Diana (Exclusive)

Elizabeth Debicki is transformed into Princess Diana in the sixth and final season of “The Crown.”

Extra TV spoke with Elizabeth Debicki about the immense pressure and anxiety of delivering Diana’s heartbreaking last chapter, which was almost overwhelming for her.

She shared, “I have distinct memories of being in the makeup chair, just thinking, it’s too sad. I don’t know. I can’t do it today.”

The show will feature scenes leading up to Diana’s death in a Paris tunnel. Debicki commented, “There are days where I just can’t face that feeling of being trapped in the car. We were never going to take it down a notch, if that makes sense. We knew we had to keep it at this level of honesty. It requires you to put all of yourself on the screen.”

Elizabeth opened up about what it felt like being trapped in a car while recreating the paparazzi frenzy that surrounded Diana, calling it “horrendous.” She went on, “This is just completely inhumane. No one should ever, ever, ever have to deal with that, and it makes you feel like an animal in a cage.”

Is Debicki ready to let go of the role? She answered, “I learned so much from playing this role. Anyone who learns about this extraordinary human being, it’s impossible to come away from it and not feel like you’ve been given a gift.”

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Source: Extra TV

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