The Bold Type: 10 biggest (& best) romantic gestures!

the bold type romantic gestures

Since 2017, Freeform’s The Bold Type has been offering plenty of great romantic moments involving the series’ main couples. Here are the ten best romantic gestures on The Bold Type!

The Bold Type: 10 biggest (& best) romantic gestures!

10. Ryan apologizes to Jane

The relationship between Ryan and Jane has been rocky from the start. But for better or worse, the series seems committed to exploring their romance, no matter its many faults. After kissing someone else, Ryan shows up during a journalism panel Jane is taking part in to apologize for his mistakes.

It’s maybe a bit of an overstepping gesture, but it’s certainly a grand one, and romantic in the sense that it’s deeply personal and vulnerable for both of them, no matter the public forum it takes place in. It’s a moment of growth for both characters and allows Ryan to finally admit that he loves Jane, too.

Ryan Decker in The Bold Type
The Bold Type: 10 biggest (& best) romantic gestures!

9. Ryan gives Jane the first copy of his book

Ryan and Jane’s relationship has also been defined by their relation to writing and the ways in which they inspire one another. Over the course of the second season, Ryan is working on a book, one that he eventually tells Jane couldn’t have been written without her.

So when the book is finally printed, and Ryan receives his preliminary copies, he ceremoniously gifts the first copy of the book to a blindfolded Jane. The excitement and pride on her face alone make the gesture more than worth it.

Jane Sloan in The Bold Type

8. Kat runs to Adena

The relationship between Kat and Adena is one that has been popular with fans, despite its uneven pacing and on-again, off-again development. While most of their relationship has been poorly timed or has involved cheating, an early moment in the series allowed these two to have a genuinely sweet romantic gesture.

At the end of the series’ fifth episode, after struggling with her growing feelings for Adena, Kat, having newly realized her queer identity, literally ran to meet up with Adena and tell her she wanted to be with her, giving the not yet together couple a signature grand romantic gesture.

Kat Edison and Adena El Amin in The Bold Type

7. Sutton is the “Safford sandwich thief”

The series’ most reliable and best-developed relationship has been the one between aspiring fashion industry influencer Sutton Brady and lawyer Richard Hunter. In the third season, the series revealed the first time the two met, which happened five years prior in true meet-cute fashion.

As adorable as that love at first sight moment was, the episode doubled down on its sweetness by revealing a romantic gesture on Richard’s part. That same day, he’d sent an email to a friend, gushing about the cute girl he’d met who had come and stolen the sandwiches from a meeting he was in – an email that he kept, and then shared with a very tearful and touched Sutton.

Richard Hunter and Sutton Brady in The Bold Type

6. Oliver adopts his ex’s daughter

Sometimes, the greatest romantic gestures are ones that don’t involve an actual romantic scenario, but rather a display of selfless love. In the third season’s second episode, it was revealed that Oliver Grayson, Sutton’s boss, had taken in Carly, the daughter of his ex-boyfriend, Jasper.

After Jasper lapsed into a drug habit he had previously kicked, Carly was likely going to be moved into the foster system. Rather than let that happen, Oliver reached out and took Carly into his home, because of the love he still held for the young girl and his ex.

Oliver and Carly Grayson in The Bold Type

5. Ben offers to enter a domestic partnership with Jane to cover her medical costs

One of Jane’s most prominent storylines involves her fears regarding her future since she has the BRCA gene mutation. At the end of the second season, Jane was considering freezing her eggs, in case she would not be able to conceive when she was ready to have a baby.

Her boyfriend at the time, all-around nice but boring guy Dr. Ben Chau, made an offer that totally took Jane by surprise. In order to help her cover her medical costs, he offered to enter into an official domestic partnership with her, so she would receive his medical benefits.

Ben Chau and Jane Sloan in The Bold Type

4. Sutton & Richard go public

For the first two seasons of the series, Sutton and Richard struggled with the conflict between their undeniable love for each other and the secret nature of their relationship. As Sutton was originally just an assistant, and Richard was a board member at Safford, both of them were concerned about the perception of their relationship if it became public knowledge.

But after breaking up and struggling apart from each other, they decided not only to be together but to go completely public with their relationship at a red carpet event for Scarlet Magazine in Paris.

Sutton Brady and Richard Hunter go public in The Bold Type

3. Sutton convinces Richard to follow his dreams

For most of their relationship, Richard has been the one who has comforted Sutton about her career insecurities and doubts. But the third season finale flips that on its head, revealing that Richard has the opportunity to pursue his dream career in venture capital investment in clean energy.

However, the dream job would be in San Francisco, thousands of miles away from Sutton in New York. Selfless as ever, Sutton convinces Richard to at least try and follow his dream, and she’ll be there for him every step of the way. She loves what she does. He deserves to do the same.

Sutton Brady and Richard Hunter in The Bold Type

2. Richard flies to Paris to be with Sutton

When Sutton flew to Paris for the upcoming Scarlet fashion show and red carpet event, she was at a low point when it comes to dealing with her feelings for Richard. She realized episodes before that she still loved him, but she fully believed at that point that he was going to move on and propose to his ex-girlfriend.

Little did Sutton know that Richard had come to realize he loved her and needed to be with her, too. To Sutton’s great surprise and excitement, Richard showed up right outside her hotel in Paris, proclaiming not just that he wanted to be with her, but that it had always been her. Swoon.

Sutton Brady and Richard Hunter Paris in The Bold Type

1. Richard proposes in the spot where he & Sutton first met

If it hasn’t become clear by now, the relationship between Sutton and Richard is arguably the romantic heart of The Bold Type as a whole. So it’s only fair, then, that these two lovebirds would be the first to make things absolutely official with an undeniably romantic engagement.

After having a romantic rendezvous in the board room during a Scarlet anniversary event, Richard pointed out to Sutton that this was where they had first met. And that he had never been the same from the moment he first saw her. With that romantic setup, Richard got down on one knee and proposed. Completely catching Sutton off guard and leading to a joyful celebration between the both of them.

Richard Hunter proposes to Sutton Brady in The Bold Type

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