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All the Chicago Fire fans, whose Premiere Date has been announced this week by NBC, know handsome Taylor Kinney as Lieutenant Kelly Severide but do you know which was his first role? Find out with us at Survived the Shows!

Taylor Kinney debuted on telenovelas “Fashion House” on 2006!

You might think that Taylor made his television debut as Mason Lockwood in the teen drama “The Vampire Diaries”, which she played in 2010 and 2011, but he didn’t. At that time, in fact, he already had several jobs behind him. His first role was in 2006, when he played the role of Luke Gianni in the telenovela “Fashion House”. The soap-opera aired in the US on MyNetworkTV.

What’s the plot of “Fashion House” with Taylor Kinney as Luke Gianni?

Taylor Kinney, Jordi Vilasuso, and Robert Buckley (Photo by Chad Buchanan/Getty Images)

Fashion House” is focused on greed, lust and ambition surrounding a corporate takeover of the business’s hottest company. The show was best known for its love stories, passion and drama. Despite it wasn’t very successful, it’s inspired to the Cuban telenova Salir de Noche, produced by Miami Xystus. The US version is set in Los Angeles, and was produced by Stu Segall Productions of San Diego.

Kinney’s character, Luke Gianni, is an artist who inherited talent and appearance from his natural father, Charles Blakely. Luke is Maria Gianni‘s son, the main charachter played by Bo Derek. Maria is the owner of House of Gianni, a fashion design studio in Los Angeles. The woman lives plotting and conniving with everyone, including her family. Luke’s girlfriend is the new fashion designer of House of Gianni and Maria tries to separate them till the end of the show.

Enjoy Fashion House’s trailer with younger Taylor Kinney!

Fashion House Trailer

Among the protagonists, there’s also Robert Buckley, well known for playing later Clay Evans in One Tree Hill and Major Lilywhite in iZombie. The actor plays Michael Bauer, Luke’s best friend.

If you like trashy contents and you’re a fan of Taylor Kinney, you can’t miss this little gem.

Did you expect such a role as Taylor Kinney’s first?

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