Sweet Magnolias Renewed for Season 4 at Netflix!

il colore delle magnolie quarta stagione

Netflix is pouring out another round of Sweet Magnolias, renewing the hit series for season 4, TVLine has learned.

Sweet Magnolias‘ third season concluded with Dana Sue and Ronnie renewing their vows, Maddie and Cal agreeing to move forward (perhaps towards an engagement), a newly single Helen attempting to patch things up with Erik, and Ty and Annie (gasp!) holding hands for all to see.

Sweet Magnolias Renewed for Season 4 at Netflix! – Credits: Courtesy of Netflix

Unlike in previous seasons, this latest Sweet Magnolias finale didn’t end on a cliffhanger, something for which Headley is actually grateful.

“I think the poor fans would kill us if there was another cliffhanger,” she told TVLine with a laugh, adding that she’s glad the season ended with a period, “or even an exclamation point. Maybe it’s a dot, dot, dot… question mark.”

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Source: TV Line

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