Survived the Show’s Picks for Best Hallmark Movies of 2023

Us Weekly’s Picks for Best Hallmark Movies of 2023

It was a banner year for Hallmark romances and mysteries, with the network dropping some of our all-time favorite made-for-TV movies before and during the Christmas season. Network staple Andrew Walker re-teamed with Nikki DeLoach twice in 2023 for new installments in their Curious Caterer series on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. (After costarring in Dying for Chocolate last year, they made Grilling Season and Fatal Vows in 2023.)

Keep scrolling for Survived the Shows’ unofficial ranking of the best Hallmark movies of 2023 (and the standout moments that stole our hearts):

10. ‘The Wedding Veil Journey’

Picks for Best Hallmark Movies of 2023

The Wedding Veil franchise, costarring Lacey ChabertAutumn Reeser and Alison Sweeney, returned for a trio of new movies in January. While Expectations and Inspiration helped further Chabert and Reeser’s character journeys, it was Sweeney’s that had the most emotional depth. Sweeney’s Tracy and her husband, Nick (Victor Webster), finally took their long-overdue honeymoon to Greece with brought the titular antique veil as a carry-on.

As Tracy and Nick figure out what their next chapter looks like, they meet an orphaned art student and form an instant bond. The found family trope made The Wedding Veil Journey a true standout.

9. ‘Round and Round’

Picks for Best Hallmark Movies of 2023

Round and Round, starring Vic Michaelis and Bryan Greenberg, is easily one of Hallmark’s top Hanukkah movies of all time. In the December flick, Michaelis plays Rachel after she gets stuck in a time loop on the seventh night of the Festival of Lights. She corrals Zach (a.k.a. the “Nice Jewish Boy” her grandmother is trying to set her up with) into helping her get out of the spiral and back to reality. And yes, Suits alum Rick Hoffman plays Rachel’s father.

The Groundhog Day-inspired plot makes for a quirky rom-com, but it was the sentimental reasoning behind the time loop that won our hearts. By the end of the film, Hoffman’s character explains just how an antique dreidel kickstarted the loop and the family tradition behind it. It put a unique spin on the Yiddish concert of beshert (i.e. soulmates) that feels just like landing on Gimel.

8. ‘Sweeter Than Chocolate’

Dan Jeannotte Teases Hallmark’s ‘Sweeter Than Chocolate’

Hallmark’s “Loveuary” lineup in February was packed with fun stories, but Sweeter Than Chocolate remains a standout months later. In the film, reporter Dean Chase (Dan Jeannotte) gets assigned a feel-good Valentine’s Day story about Lucy Sweet’s (Eloise Mumford) famed family chocolate shop that is rumored to make treats that help the buyer find true love with one bite. Lucy tries to convince Dean the rumors are true while running the shop during its busiest season.

Chocolate that helps you find your soulmate? Sign Us up! But the scene where Lucy teaches Dean how to make the candies is almost too sweet to handle.

7. ‘The Dancing Detective: A Deadly Tango’

Lacey Chabert Teases Favorite Hallmark Costar After Will Kemp Reunion

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is churning out new adventures faster than fans can watch — but we’re not complaining. One of the new features is The Dancing Detective: A Deadly Tango starring Lacey Chabert as the “no-nonsense detective” Constance Bailey. When Constance is sent to investigate a CEO’s murder in Malta, she enlists a British performer named Sebastian Moore (Kemp), who assists her with the case while teaching her how to dance. Oh, did we mention the murder takes place during a company-based ballroom competition?

We love a good mystery, especially in an exotic location like Malta. However, it is Sebastian’s constant references to iconic sleuths like Columbo and Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote that has us laughing from start to finish.

6 . ‘Curious Caterer: Fatal Vows’

‘Curious Caterer’ Stars Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker Reveal Why They Continue to Team Up for Hallmark: ‘They’re Real Stories’

Both 2023 Curious Caterer films were standouts for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, but Fatal Vows had Us guessing whodunit until the last minute. When Detective Tom Schultz’s (Walker) ex-wife Jessamyn’s (Amanda Khan) future husband ends up dead on their wedding day, he becomes a suspect in the murder. With a new lead detective in town, who hates Tom, caterer-tuned amateur sleuth Goldy Berry (DeLoach) breaks out her murder board to help clear his name.

Goldy uses her culinary skills to recreate the murder weapon, Cheez-It-like crackers that the groom was allergic to, and cracks the case wide open. In addition to her delicious taste test, Goldy lures the murderer out in the open by wearing a wedding dress disguise that seems ridiculous, but it works!

5 . ‘Christmas in Notting Hill’

Picks for Best Hallmark Movies of 2023

Christmas in Notting Hill is one of our top picks for Hallmark’s best 2023 Christmas movie and it could only be described as Ted Lasso meets Notting Hill (the Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant classic). This film costars Sarah Ramos (Haddie Braverman from NBC’s Parenthood) and William Moseley (Peter Pevensie from the Chronicles of Narnia franchise) as Georgia and Graham, respectively. When Georgia travels across the pond to spend the holidays with her younger sister, she crosses paths with soccer star Graham without realizing his famous career.

Honestly, Christmas in Notting Hill had our hearts with its British setting. Plus, Christmastime in jolly London in itself is nothing short of magical.

4. “Love in Glacier National: A National Park Romance”

An avalanche forecasting expert brings her new technology to Glacier National Park where she faces push-back from the Director of Mountain Rescue who’s trained in intuition and common sense.

The cast including leads Ashley Newbrough and Stephen Huzhar. Ashley Newbrough in Survived the Shows exclusive interview with her about the movie said: “I’d have to say what drew me to this story was being able to film and work on a mountain. I’ve never done that before, so that seemed very exciting and Heather seemed like a a fun role to play.

3. ‘My Norwegian Holiday’

Picks for Best Hallmark Movies of 2023

The network has been upping its game when it comes to highlighting different cultures and locations. My Norwegian Holiday fits the bill — and takes the crown if you ask Us — due to its spotlight on the quaint town of Bergen, Norway. Following the loss of her grandmother, JJ (Rhiannon Fish) agrees to go to Bergen with a stranger named Henrik (David Elsendoorn) and quickly learns that his family has no intention of letting her celebrate Christmas alone. Along the way, she discovers a magical connection between her relatives and Henrik’s former skiing coach — which changes their lives forever.

Talk about a meet-cute, Henrik bumps into Jessica “JJ” Johnson when he accidentally gives away her coffee because his date has the same name. After he spills JJ’s replacement coffee, he brings her a third cup at work and offers her a roundtrip ticket to Norway. Spoiler: Henrik’s Jessica Jordan is no longer coming, so doesn’t want the trip to go to waste!

Leading lady Rhiannon Fish in Survived the Shows exclusive interview with her about the movie said:I am a sucker for fate. I’m a big believer in fate and that everything happens for a reason and I’m actually sort of Full disclosure. I just got off a call with my therapist and I was like, why did this happen? Why did I have to go through this? Like, what is the purpose? And while it doesn’t make sense at the time, in hindsight I always go, ah, that’s why that happened. And I think it was just so sweet that like the fate of these characters was just that they were meant to find each other.

2. Welcome to Valentine

After losing her apartment and her job right before Valentine’s Day, Olivia is introduced to George who takes her on a cross country road trip that has them reevaluating life’s priorities. Kathryn Davis and Markian Tarasiuk are the lead of this movie.

Kathryn Davis in Survived the Shows exclusive interview with her about the movie said: “Another thing that’s slightly different about this script is that, with the formula of these stylings of films – there is like sometimes initial attraction and then a little misunderstanding and then there’s along the way, the characters make amends and then the feelings grow. Then there’s a big misunderstanding. And then it’s the conclusion and the resolution pretty much of the film, This one, there’s several moments of that from when they first meet.

1. ‘A Biltmore Christmas’

Picks for Best Hallmark Movies of 2023

It’s safe to say Bethany Joy Lenz doesn’t miss when it comes to picking scripts for Countdown to Christmas. In A Biltmore Christmas, the One Tree Hill alum stars as Lucy, a screenwriter who has been tapped to remake a classic holiday movie that takes place at Biltmore House in North Carolina. During a visit to the estate, Lucy finds herself traveling back in time (via a magical prop hourglass) to the set of the OG movie to discover the truth behind the rumored alternate ending. She meets Jack (Kristoffer Polaha), the star of the movie, and the twosome form a connection and must navigate being from different eras.  

The chemistry between Lenz and Polaha is off the charts, but what makes this film special is the stakes. When modern-day Lucy learns Jack went missing on Christmas Eve in the past, she has to find a way to warn him without changing the future. Plus, Hallmark staples Wes Brown and Rachel Boston have cameos, playing characters in Lucy’s remake. 

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