Secrets of a Celebrity Nanny, starring Brittany McVicker, premieres Oct 29 on Lifetime!


Lifetime Channel is set to unveil its thrilling new movie, “Secrets of a Celebrity Nanny,” premiering Sunday, October 29 at 8/7c. In this captivating film, Brittany McVicker plays the role of Samara, a Hollywood party girl on a quest for the spotlight and the love of her life. Let’s take a first look!


As per Lifetime’s official synopsis, “When an aspiring writer becomes a nanny to the daughter of an international superstar, she gets thrust into a seductive and sinister world of celebrity stalkers, affairs, and even murder.” This gripping narrative promises suspense, intrigue, and a rollercoaster of emotions for viewers.


Matthew Blade as Hudson Thayer

Yolanthe Cabau as Justice Grace

Monroe Cline as Gabby

Brittany Mcvicker as Samara

Dominic Pace as Damian Gries

Memphis Taylor as Ian

Isaac Levi Anthony as Isaac

Sarah Stunt as Barby

Lily Wirum as Hannah

Lilly Williams as Willow


“Secrets of a Celebrity Nanny” is set to premiere on Lifetime on Sunday, October 29th, at 8/7 c p.m.

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Source: Lifetime

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