Secrets in the Desert, starring Kayleigh Ruller, premieres Oct 1 on Lifetime!


Lifetime Movie Network ‘s new thriller movie, Secrets in the Desert, is all set to air on the channel on Sunday, October 1, 2023. Let’s take a first look at the movie!

Secrets in the Desert premieres Oct 1 on Lifetime!
Secrets in the Desert premieres Oct 1 on Lifetime!


While on a road trip through the desert, Charlie and her boyfriend Aidan break down in the middle of nowhere. While Aidan waits for a tow truck, Charlie heads to a nearby diner to find help. When Aidan goes missing, Charlie finds herself stranded in a strange town unsure who to trust. The only thing she knows is… she might just be their only chance to get out alive.


Kayleigh Ruller

Cailin McDonald

Alex Trumble

Emmanuel Jalbert

Christopher Sky

Kelli Dawn Hancock

Directed by Peter Sullivan and written by Robert Dean Klein and Peter Sullivan

Secrets in the Desert airs 8/7c on Lifetime and Streaming Next Day

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