Riverdale: which character would you be based on your zodiac sign?

riverdale character zodiac sign

Riverdale is a series rich of characters, each different from each other: have you ever thought about which character would you be based on your zodiac sign?

Here’s every Riverdale character associated with a zodiac sign!
Disclaimer: the signs have been associated according to the characteristics of the individual characters and the zodiacal signs. The date of birth of the characters is unknown.

Aries – Alice

Riverdale character zodiac sign alice cooper

Alice Cooper is a perfect example of Aries. Fire sign, Alice is intuitive and smart. Not surprisingly, she is a journalist with the flakes! Very stubborn and sincere, can be at times rude just for this sincerity. Either you love her, or you hate her!

Taurus – Hiram

Hiram Lodge riverdale

Taurus likes the good life and knowing that he can live in comfort. He knows, however, that he has to work hard to achieve all this. Who better to represent this sign than Hiram? Tireless and stubborn worker, he knows how to be very possessive, especially in love. And you know how jealous and possessive protective he is of Veronica.

Gemini – Reggie

reggie riverdale gemini zodiac sign

Gemini is an ironic sign and also a bit moody. They are chatty and also a bit of social butterflies. Not surprisingly, Reggie is the captain of the Bulldogs and is, of course, one of the most popular kids in the school!

Cancer – Fred

riverdale fred zodiac sign

Cancer is a sensitive, affectionate, very empathetic sign but that hides a crazy grit inside. Fred is the perfect example of this sign, a sign as good as Fred Andrews!

Leo – Cheryl

Riverdale: Madelaine Petsch parla dell'orientamento sessuale di Cheryl  Blossom

The people of the sign of Leo love to be the center of attention: Cheryl is the perfect representation of it. Leo is self-centered, charismatic, very proud, loves drama and does not let anyone put his feet on his head. But Leo hides a certain sensitivity: for the people they care about, they would do anything!

Virgo – Betty

Riverdale: Lili Reinhart sulla depressione e sul lato oscuro di Betty Cooper

Those born under the sign of the Virgo are perfectionists, altruists, analytical and responsible. This sign represents Betty well, our Nancy Drew attentive to every detail and always ready to help others!

Libra – Archie

Archie riverdale libra character zodiac sign

The sign of Libra is very loyal, idealistic and always tries to do the best for the common good. We know how much Archie has fought over the seasons not only for himself, but also for his friends and the whole community of Riverdale!

Scorpio – FP

Cole Sprouse parla del fatto che Skeet Ulrich lascerà Riverdale

Scorpio is a water sign, along with Cancer and Pisces. They have the reputation of being the most sensitive signs, but Scorpio is a bit different because, at first glance, it doesn’t seem that way at all. They’re chameleons, they’re curious, they don’t trust anyone, and at first thy seem very hard and cold. Actually, once the walls are down, they hide a very sensitive side. In love they are very passionate, loyal and would do anything for the other person! Here FP perfectly reflects these characteristics!

Sagittarius – Toni

Toni Topaz: riverdale personaggio segno zodiacale

Those born under this sign seem to live in a world of their own because they are always full of a thousand ideas. They love their independence and freedom. If they really fall in love though, they are one of the most loyal signs of the zodiac! Toni is an example!

Capricorn – Veronica

Riverdale veronica zodiac sign

Capricorn is a born leader, like Veronica! Very stubborn, she knows what she wants and will do anything to get it! Capricorns will never betray their friends as they are very loyal: sarcastic, they can often be unpleasant, especially at first glance!

Aquarius – Jughead

JUGHEAD JONES Riverdale: età, nome vero e outfit

The Aquarius is a very creative person: not surprisingly, Jughead is a writer, as well as the narrator of the series! Aquarius live a conflict between who they are and what they would like to be. They are loyal and generous to the people they love. He often closes in himself and for this reason he is sometimes considered weird, but they do not care!

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Pisces – Kevin

Riverdale: Casey Cott parla della stagione 5! - Survived the Shows segno zodiacale

Pisces is the most sensitive, romantic and dreamer sign of the zodiac and Kevin is the proof. They have a strong creativity and often work in the arts. Kevin in fact loves the world of theater and, in season 6, becomes a professor of theater! They are very empathetic and are not great leaders: they prefer to be guided!

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