Riverdale – How well do you know Jughead Jones?

riverdale 6 jughead jones quiz

Jughead Jones is one of the most loved characters in Riverdale: take this quiz to find out if you really know him as well as you think!

riverdale quiz jughead jones

Jughead is an apathetic, cynical boy with a dark sense of humor and lots of secrets. He is astute, intelligent, and well known for his writing skills and sardonic humor. Because of these characteristics, Jughead is the omniscient narrator of the series and the writer of an ongoing novel about the darkness within Riverdale.

He is passionate about few things, including movies, family, and writing and will protect them with everything he has. His passion for writing has taken him places during his young-adult life, but he has encountered some obstacles he is still trying to overcome. His relationship with Betty made fans dream, but now our favorite writer has another flame: Tabitha, the niece of Pop Tate!
But do you know Jughead Jones well enough to answer correctly to all of the questions in our Riverdale quiz? Try!

This quiz no longer exists

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