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Like any drama worthy of the name, Riverdale sees throughout the seasons a series of twists and turns that have left all fans speechless. How much do you remember of all those plot-twists? Find out with our quiz all dedicated to Riverdale!

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Deaths, conspiracies, undercover characters, omissions, secrets, and secret relationships. That’s Riverdale!

In short, Riverdale is the classic seemingly quiet town, where everyone knows each other, but where surprising facts happen and where you can not trust anyone or almost anyone.
The first season focuses on the murder of a student, the second instead tells the deeds of a serial killer, which the young protagonists try to unmask.
The whole thing is fun at heart, despite some naivety, but allows you to spend some pleasant evenings.

Put yourself to the test with our quiz dedicated to the most shocking twists and turns of the CW’s teenage drama, Riverdale!


#1. Who killed Jason Blossom?

#2. Who was Black Hood's first victim?

#3. Who's the Black Hood?

#4. Who had a child when she was young and then abandoned him?

#5. Who joins Southside Serpents at the end of season 2 as an act of rebellion?

#6. Which of these characters was actually undercover inside the Farm?

#7. Who was Evelyn Evernever?

#8. The farm was a front for what?

#9. Who’s Chic having an affair with?

#10. How did Hal Cooper die?


Share you results on how much you remember about all Riverdale’s main plot twists with us in the comments and may the best win!

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