Patrick Dempsey Wants To Work With Ellen Pompeo Again For One Reason!


When the newly blond Patrick Dempsey arrived at the D23 Expo in Anaheim and bumped into his former Grey’s Anatomy costar Ellen Pompeo, he jumped straight into interview mode.

Swiping the microphone from Yahoo Entertainment’s Kevin Polowy, Patrick Dempsey started peppering Ellen Pompeo with questions, eventually declaring himself the new Yahoo host.

Both Dempsey and Pompeo were at the Ultimate Disney Fan Event to be honored as Legends who contributed to the Disney legacy, Pompeo for her work on ABC’s long-running medical hit and Dempsey for his role on the show as well as the 2007 fairy tale flick Enchanted and its upcoming sequel Disenchanted.

In a separate interview on the red carpet, Pompeo told Extra TV’s Katie Krause that she’d be 100 percent open to working with Dempsey again if the material was right.

“We’ve done some of our greatest work together,” Pompeo said. “Both of us are very proud of the work we did. We had a great time doing it, and we created something really iconic.” She continued, “I think the fans would absolutely love it.”

Dempsey confirmed Pompeo’s feelings.

“I’d love to work with her again,” he said. “It’s always been a really special relationship Ellen and I have had together in front of the screen and behind it as well.”

He joked that he had a few ideas, but he’d like to run them past Pompeo first.

“I think a lot of the success of the show was because of the chemistry and the relationship,” he said. “People want to believe in love.”

And no, Dempsey’s not angling to be the next dragon-taming Targaryen with his new white-blond locks; he’s sporting the new ‘do for his role in Michael Mann’s Enzo Ferrari biopic. Although some fans don’t find his new look totally McDreamy, Dempsey said he loves it.

“It’s fun to do something different,” he told Variety. “Unfortunately — or fortunately — I’m known for my hair, so this has really jacked up a lot of people. They don’t know how to embrace it. Either they love it or they hate it.”

Dempsey said he’ll be coloring his coif for a few more months while filming on Ferrari is underway.

“Blondes have more fun,” he said. “I have to tell you, it’s true. I’m in Italy driving race cars, so I can’t complain.”

Ferrari stars Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari, with Patrick Dempsey appearing as Italian Formula One driver Piero Taruffi.

Oh, and for the record, Pompeo prefers the living version of her former onscreen love (as opposed to the dream/ghost version of Dr. Shepherd featured in the last season during Meredith’s COVID-induced coma). “You know, I’m not so into ghost stories,” she told Deadline. “I prefer the real Patrick.”

Dempsey and Pompeo joked that Martha Stewart is ‘partying a bit too much’

Dempsey and Pompeo had a lot to talk about, including Martha Stewart’s latest news. The topic was brought up as they discussed her recent trip to Las Vegas, when she told she went to Stewart’s new restaurant located on the Strip.

“Oh I love Vegas. I just went and saw the new Bruno Mars Silk Sonic concert and Martha Stewart’s new restaurant, the Bedford. Amazing,” she told Dempsey, later adding, “That baked potato with caviar at the restaurant is right up your alley.

From there, Dempsey asked Pompeo playful questions about the 81-year-old lifestyle legend. “How is Martha doing? She looks like she’s a little tipsy sometimes. She’s like partying a bit too much, Martha,” he joked as Pompeo laughed. “But she’s, what? 90? So it’s great. She should.”

The actress joined the all-in-good-fun conversation. “Did you see yesterday she posed topless with just an apron on?” Pompeo said, to which Dempsey responded, “And she looked great by the way.”

“Amazing! She’s so gorgeous,” Pompeo added.

Patrick Dempsey Wants to Work with Ellen Pompeo Again for One Simple Reason: ‘The Chemistry’

Patrick Dempsey is McDreaming up ways for Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd to reunite — with or without Grey’s Anatomy.

“I would love to work with her again,” Dempsey said of his former costar Ellen Pompeo

Dempsey told Extra he already has a “couple ideas” on how they could reunite — but added, “I’ll tell her first and then see if we can realize them.”

Dempsey abruptly departed Grey’s in season 11 when his character died, but fans’ hopes from Derek and Meredith still live on eight years later (helped along by a season 17 return, via dream sequence, by Dempsey).

“It has always been a really special relationship Ellen and I have had together in front of the screen and behind it as well,” said Dempsey.

I think a lot of the success of the show was because of the chemistry and the relationship and people want to believe in love and all of that,” he continued. “I meet people around the world who were wishing we were actually together, but she’s got Christopher [Ivery] and I have [my wife] Jillian and they are incredible people.”

Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy, presumably not featuring an appearance by Ghost Derek, premieres on Thursday, Oct. 6.


Source: EW / PEOPLE

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