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On the occasion of the celebrations for Father’s Day in the English-speaking world, STARZ shared with the public a video to celebrate and remember all the father figures among the characters of Outlander!

We at Survived The Shows also wanted to celebrate Outlander’s fathers. Here’s an excursus on the best father-child moments over the past seasons of the historical-fantasty drama!

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Brian Fraser greets son at Wentworth Prison before he gets scourged (Photo: STARZ)

–> Brian Fraser

Long remembered as a loving, albeit strict father, Brian Fraser (Andrew Whipp) raised his children Jamie and Jenny on his own after his wife Ellen died in childbirth at the young age of 38. One of the most emotional moments is when he travels to Wentworth Prison in an attempt to save his son from being scourged and their final farewell. While Jamie survives, his father will die of apoplexy while witnessing the merciless scourging by Captain Black Jack Randall.

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Dougal MacKenzie and Jamie share a bottle of whiskey after a Jacobite battlefield victory (Photo: STARZ)

–> Dougal MacKenzie

Despite their idealistic divergences and the way they live and behave in general, Dougal MacKenzie (Graham McTavish) has proven to be a pivotal father figure in Jamie’s life. Having only daughters, Dougal saw Jamie as the son he never had. He passed on to him all his knowledge about the art of the sword, fighting, horse riding… everything a young man should know. The moment we decided to share sees the two cheering on yet another victory for their army in support of Prince Charles. The understanding between the two is undeniable, like only a son with his father.

Fergus Fraser lovingly observes his son Germain (Photo: STARZ)

–> Fergus Fraser

Following the model of the man who raised him, Jamie, a good, loving and just father, Fergus Fraser (César Domboy) is a great father to his children. While we haven’t had many opportunities to see him in action as a father, Fergus loves his children as much as his life. He’s ready to protect and love them always. The scene we have decided to propose sees Fergus lovingly observing his little son Germain, in the arms of his grandmother Claire.

–> Frank Randall

Frank Randall holding baby Brianna in his arms
(Photo: STARZ)

When Claire returns to her time, disoriented and pregnant, Frank does not hesitate a single second from taking his wife back with him. Moreover, he accepts to raise the child she was expecting as his own. Even though the child was the fruit of Claire’s love with Jamie. Despite some initial doubts, once he picked up little Brianna, Frank Randall (Tobias Menzies) realized there would be no room for anything else in his life. The two develop a wonderful relationship, full of love, respect and protection. The scene in the gif here is one of my favorite scenes between Frank and Brianna. It dates back to the moment when little Brianna, a few months old, manages to turn herself over for the first time.

Baby Talk… Ep. 208 The Fox's Lair | Outlander tv, Outlander starz, Outlander
(Credit: STARZ) Jamie Fraser holding his niece Maggie

–> Jamie Fraser

Let’s start with the fact that Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) as a father figure deserved much more. Man didn’t have the opportunity to raise any of his children but has always protected and loved them with his heart, even if from afar. Jamie’s only paternal experience came when in Paris, he and Claire adopted a young thief, renamed Fergus, to help them stop Prince Charles from launching the famous ‘Jacobite riot’.

totally chilled out Outlander fan — Jamie carrying Fergus
Jamie Fraser saves Fergus after his hand is cut off
(Credit: STARZ)

For the two, Fergus will become like the child they’ve lost. Not to mention the wonderful relationship he has with his grandchildren, but in particular with the youngest, young Ian. The latter, feeling the home environment, goes to live with his uncle Jamie in Edinburgh. Between work and smuggling, Ian will end up in a thousand adventures that will help him become the man who has always been hidden within himself.

Outlandish Thoughts About Outlander – "Man of Worth" | Mike The Fanboy
Jamie Fraser comforts grandson Ian after trauma nightmare in Jamaica
(Credit: STARZ)
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(Credit: STARZ) Jamie Fraser with little William

However, Jamie had biological children of his own, namely Brianna, conceived with Claire and raised in the future, in which the woman returns at the outbreak of the riot, and William, born of a forced extramarital relationship with his mistress of the time, Lady Geneva Dunsany.

Although he couldn’t reveal to him that he was his father, Jamie remained close to William for the first few years of his life. The two develop an intense but sweet relationship, just like that between father and son. On the other hand, he got to know Brianna for the first time through some photographs Claire brought him on her return to the past. The man almost memorized them for so long he observed them, thus thinking that he knows better that daughter. Some time later, his daughter, Brianna, will go to the past in search of her parents and they will meet for the first time. From that moment, albeit with some initial difficulties, the two become inseparable, so much so that they can almost read their minds.

Lord John Grey hugs his son after a long period of illness (Credit: STARZ)

–> Lord John Grey

Yet another example in Outlander of how family isn’t necessarily determined by blood ties. Lord John Grey (David Berry) took little William into custody when he was just a baby and raised him as his son, despite not being biologically her father. The child, as we all know, was born from the extramarital relationship between Geneva Dunsany and Jamie Fraser, at the time undercover as a stable boy at the Helwater estate. The woman died in childbirth and Lord John, after marrying his sister Isobel, adopted the child, who considers him his father.

John loves Willie very much, despite his temper (he’s still a Fraser?… and let’s not talk about his mother’s temper). He goes out of his way to protect him, which is why he doesn’t reveal to him that Jamie is actually his biological father. Otherwise the risk would be the loss of his noble title, as well as a devaluation of the family in general.

You Were Lost and Gone Forever: Outlander, 'The Battle of Roger Mac' – Oohlo
Murtagh dying in Jamie’s arms (Credit: STARZ)

–> Murtagh Fitzgibbons

The classic godfather who’s never pushy, funny, who helps you, but is ready to beat you if you do something immoral. Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser (Duncan Lacroix) has always been at Jamie’s side on every front, even when ideological oppositions prevented him, even to the point of death. The main scene of their relationship is at Murtagh’s death. He got shot to protect Jamie during the battle of Alamance, even if they were on different fronts.

Sexier than Braveheart — Have you been eating all my biscuits, Roger...

–> Reverend Reginald Wakefield

Highly underrated character and father figure in the world of Outlander, also given the relative relevance that is given to him. Reverend Reginald Wakefield has no biological children of his, but, as we’ve seen in the first episodes, he raised little Roger, who was orphaned during the war, as his own. The reverend is a father who is not too affectionate, but who transmits all the best existential values to the child. These then lead him to become the good, loving and honorable man that Roger is. At the same time, growing up with a man of faith, a traditionalist with a closed mind, caused Roger to acquire outdated conceptions.

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Roger Mackenzie took a bload oath on his son Jeremiah (Photo: STARZ)

–> Roger MacKenzie

We still have a lot to enveil on Roger as a father, but already from what we saw last season, the honor that distinguished Roger MacKenzie (Richard Rankin) is to be recognized, as, like Frank in his time, he accepted for the love of Brianna the existence of a son who could not have been his, but who as soon as he had the opportunity to hold him in his arms he loved.

The few moments that show us Roger with little Jeremiah, a name given in honor of Roger’s natural father, mainly see the historian playing and singing entertaining his son, who adores his melodious voice and does nothing but listen to him spellbound. My favorite moment remains when, in the privacy of their home, Roger takes a blood oath and recognizes the child and the love he feels for him.

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