Outlander Season 6: Sophie Skelton on how Brianna deals with PTSD by staying at Claire’s side – VIDEO INTERVIEW


After Brianna and Roger’s failed attempt at time travel in Outlander’s last season finale, the MacKenzies have realised just how much of a home Fraser’s Ridge really is. It’s just a shame that their homecoming comes amidst heightened tension following Claire’s kidnapping and her rescue by the men of the house. Ahead of the launch of Outlander Season 6, which is currently airing on STARZ and STARZPLAY in the US and UK and premiering on Sky and NOW TV in Italy on April 26, Sophie Skelton teased us how Brianna and Roger will cope with life at the Ridge and how staying close to her mother, who has experienced something all too similar to her, is also a way for Brianna to deal with her own trauma after the events that befell her in Season 4 and which, like any rape victim, she has never really got over.

Roger and Brianna ‘s journey on Outlander Season 6 sees a completely different dynamic than in past seasons. As Sophie Skelton explains, in the past there was always this hitch of both of them wanting to go back to the future.
Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton as Roger and Brianna MacKenzie on Outlander Season 6 – CR: Robert Wilson/STARZ

“It always seems to be these questions that’s like the elephant in the room like ‘Can Jemmy…?’ ‘Should we..?’ or things like that,” Skelton says. “[…] So I think there was definitely a wrech between them because of theirs unanswered questions and unspoken conversations that they never had – whereas now I think, because they’ve been kicked back out [by the stones] the decision has been taken out of their hands. They’ve had these conversations, so now it’s just this beautiful dynamic where they’re just really comfortable in.

She adds: “They’re ready to just make their future now, in one place. And that’s a really freeing feeling, to almost have decisions taken out of your hands without going anywhere. It is a really a beautiful and calming place to be in and that’s where we see them this season, which we haven’t seen them before. They’ve been through a lot, but right now they’re the most calm and collective version of themselves.”

We have often wondered how Brianna will live through Claire’s psychological aftermath after the rape. Has she overcome the trauma of her own rape or will living through her mother’s trauma cause her to relapse into PTSD as well?
Caitriona Balfe and Sophie Skelton as Claire and Brianna Fraser on Outlander Season 6 – CR: Robert Wilson / STARZ

“I definitely do not think she’s over it […] More than being over it we don’t have enough screen time to show the triggers of the trauma for Bree and I think the best way to do that right now is to show her being there for Claire. I think showing the other side of the trauma whereby Brianna is now the one helping someone else going through the same thing to heal or process something is an exciting thing to show on television. “

Sophie Skelton

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