Outlander: Roger and Brianna ‘s best moments!


Although Roger (Richard Rankin) and Brianna (Sophie Skelton) are the most controversial couple in recent seasons of the STARZ’s historical-fantasy drama, Outlander, it is undeniable they got us emotional by certain key moments in their story.

Let’s retrace together the most beautiful moments between Roger Mackenzie and Brianna Randall Fraser Mackenzie on Outlander!

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Roger and Brianna ‘s first meeting [2×13 – Dragonfly in Amber]

If it was not love at first sight between Roger and Brianna, what is it? Their looks were immediately chained and since that afternoon at Wakefield’s nothing was the same between young Randall and the Scottish historian. A tour of the highlands and some dusty researches in Roger’s attic, and boom, love was born between the two.

Roger is there Brianna when her mother decides to leave [3×05 – Freedom and Whisky]

Arriving in America with the excuse that he wants to experience an American Christmas, Roger Wakefield shows up at the door of the girl he is in love with, Brianna, to bring good news for her mother Claire, about Jamie’s research, the love of his life and father of the girl. At the same time, Roger decides to go in person to America to be by Brianna’s if her mother decides to leave and go back in time. Roger’s patience, dedication and love are finally rewarded by a sweet moment when we see the two lovers exchanging a sweet kiss.

Roger and Brianna goes to the Celtic Festival in America [4×03 – The False Bride]

After months of distance, Roger finds the first plausible excuse to see his Brianna. The girl, after her mother’s departure to return to her biological father in the 18th century, turned in on herself in order not to give too much hope to the man about a feeling that maybe was given only by the situation. And yet, when they’ve found each other at the Boston airport, and then go to the mountains at a Celtic festival where Roger has to perform, she will realize that that feeling was real. The chemistry between the two is undeniable even for someone who doesn’t know them. Between dances, kilts, songs, and whiskey, Roger and Brianna live few but intense moments together, enjoying each other’s company, before the storm of reality looms…

Roger and Brianna reunite and handfast in 1770s Wilmington [4×08 – Wilmington]

After chasing each other through space and time, Roger and Brianna finally reunite in 1770s Wilmington and decide that their feelings can no longer wait. The historian proposes for the umpteenth time and asks for the girl’s hand, who happily accepts. However, there is no time to lose, so they decide to perform the traditional Scottish handfast ceremony as a symbol of spiritual union. A very delicate scene, also because of the atmosphere given by the location, but very emotional.

Roger returns to Brianna at River Run [4×13 – Man of Worth]

After the unimaginable experience lived by Roger with the Indians, finding out that Brianna is pregnant and that the son may not be his because she was raped by Stephen Bonnet, Roger needed some time to think and how to blame him? The load is huge. He couldn’t bear to go back to Brianna and not give her the love she deserves. But in the end, after thinking about it, he realized that, regardless of all, his love was too big to screw it all up and decided to go back to her. The final scene of season 4 shows us just this moment and all the waiting is rewarded by a beautiful moment between the two who reunite at River Run.

Oath of love and loyalty between Roger, Brianna and little Jeremiah [5×01 – The Fiery Cross]

Roger’s paternity and his love for Jemmy were questioned almost by everyone from the very first moment, especially by Brianna’s great-aunt, Jocasta. Then, after the umpteenth provocation, Roger acts as much in words as in deeds, taking an oath of blood in front of the only two important people for him: Brianna and their child, Jeremiah. A moment as intimate as immersive, reflecting Roger’s love for his family.

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Roger returns to Brianna after finding his voice and soul again [5×08 – Famous last words]

As you well remember, Roger was the victim of a misunderstanding and almost risked death by hanging at the hands of Governor Tryon. By the pressure of the noose, as well as the trauma, Roger lost his voice. But not only. Without his speaking and singing skills, Roger feels useless, and this leads him to get psychologically lost, almost to take his life. But the love constantly shown to him by his wife Brianna allowed him to find his soul again and a reason to move on.


Roger and Brianna think about how Jemmy’s life will be in the future [5×11 – Journeycake]

After finding out their son Jeremiah can travel through time, Roger and Brianna make the tough decision to return to the future so as to protect themselves and the child from any dangerous situations, such as the War or the danger of Stephen Bonnet. This decision was obviously not easy, and will give many thoughts to Roger and Brianna, even if he gave us one of the most beautiful scenes between the two, who consider what their life will be like in the future while watching the little Jemmy playing with grandpa Jamie.

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What’s you favourite Roger and Brianna moment on Outlander?

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