Outlander QUIZ – Who’s the first character….?


STARZ’s time travel historical-fantasy drama, Outlander together with its many storylines and characters won all viewers’ hearts in a flash – You, fans, find out if you can remember the events and the character involved with our brand new quiz!

preview the Outlander family tree characters recognize

In Outlander, all begins with British Army nurse Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe), who’s vacationing in Scotland on a second honeymoon with her husband, Frank Randall (Tobias Menzies), who is interested in learning about his family history while there.

Claire goes out for a walk to gather plants and hears a strange buzzing sound that seems to be coming from a rock. But when she touches the rock, she faints and wakes up 200 years in the past.

preview the Outlander family tree characters recognize

There she meets Captain Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies), one of Frank’s ancestors, plus members of a Scottish clan. Claire uses her nursing skills to treat Jamie (Sam Heughan), a handsome member of the clan. She quickly figures out that she has traveled to the past and decides to try to pass herself off as an English widow. She is branded a “Sassenach” or “Outlander.” But the clan chieftain doesn’t believe her cover story. He thinks she’s an English spy, so now Claire is stuck in the past and suspected of being a traitor. How will she ever figure out a way to get home when she’s being watched all the time?

Luckily, she has Jamie to make her ordeal a bit easier. In a strange turn of events, Claire ends up married to Jamie to keep her from falling into the hands of the evil Captain Randall. But what does this mean for her marriage to Frank in the 20th century? What if Claire never gets home again?

That’s just the very beginning of the story.

This is a romance, a work of historical fiction, a time travel series, a soap opera, and an adventure story all in one. That means a lot of story and a lot of major characters get packed into one universe. And as characters marry or have children, those numbers only grow.

This quiz no longer exists

How well do you know the events on Outlander, can you remember which character is the first to join the scene – Share your quiz results in the comments and may the best man win!

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