Outlander QUIZ – How much do you know about Roger & Brianna ‘s romance?


Despite the fact that Jamie and Claire invented the concept of romance in Outlander, Roger and Brianna prove more and more suitable to be its natural successors. Let’s find out how much you remember of Roger and Brianna’s troubled and emotional love story in Outlander with this quiz!

Scopriamo con questo quiz quanto ricordate della storia d'amore travagliata ed emozionante di Roger e Brianna in Outlander!
Outlander QUIZ – How much do you know about Roger & Brianna ‘s romance?


#1. In which year did Roger and Brianna meet?

#2. How many children do Roger and Brianna have?

#3. Why do Roger and Brianna fight on their first night together in the past?

#4. Why is Roger not well liked by Brianna's aunt, Jocasta?

#5. Under what excuse does Roger go to visit Brianna in America?

#6. Where did Roger and Brianna get married?

#7. What does the bracelet that Roger gives Brianna say?


Share your results on how much you know Roger and Brianna’s romance on Outlander in the comments and may the best win!

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