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Much beloved character, although sometimes he’s a bit ‘too traditional, Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) is the brave highlander with the heart of gold that we all want with us. But how much do you know about his personal story? Find out with our quiz dedicated to the protagonist of Outlander!

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Since his first shot we fell in love with Jamie Fraser, because of that unconventional charm: flowing red hair, curly, which framed a face with strong features and also boasts a statuary physique. Jamie has no idea what it’s like to back out. Whether it’s to save a friend or to fight for his country at the cost of his life. Or even to kill anyone who tries the life of the woman he loves. Brave to death, he never fears for himself. Our Scotsman lives on pure instincts! Perhaps one of his best features.  He rarely sits down to reflect on the pros and cons, because when the occasion requires it is his Scottish blood that boils in his veins to guide him.

Jamie Fraser is also extremely romantic. On Outlander he was first presented as rude and distant, yet as such a ruthless warrior, in the face of love, he was able to open his heart, with gestures and statements that made us literally melt. Those very hard hands could give you surprisingly delicate, yet passionate, caresses.

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Share your results on how much you know Jamie Fraser’s personal storyline on Outlander with us in the comments and may the best win!

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  1. Question 5 has 2 answers because Brianna also gets her height from Jamie.

    Question 8, it was a BLACKSMITH’s shop, not a Goldsmith’s shop!

    • Thank you for your comments. As for question 5, considering the fact that the quiz is based on the TV show and Sophie Skelton isn’t that tall, Brianna didn’t get her heigh from Jamie.

  2. I take exception to Question 3…Jamie had 3 siblings…his oldest brother William, his sister Jenny & a younger brother Robert. William died at the age of 12 of smallpox and his brother Robert died in Childbirth with his mother when Jamie was 8.


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