Outlander: Best moments between Brianna Fraser and Lord John Grey!


You know how they say unexpected friendships are always the best? Here, the one between Lord John (David Berry) and Brianna (Sophie Skelton) in the last seasons of Outlander is just one of those!

It all started when dear aunt Jocasta Cameron, worried that her beloved niece could give birth to a fatherless child, decided to organize a dinner at her estate in River Run with a very good party as a special guest… an almost-marriage that led to a beautiful friendship…

Let’s throwback some of the most beautiful moments between Brianna Fraser Mackenzie and Lord John Grey on Outlander!

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Brianna’s threat and marriage proposal to Lord John

Being her mother and father’s daughter, Brianna Fraser does not lack of courage to make an unconvenient proposal herself to dear Lord John Grey. However, she has an ace in the sleeve to convince the handsome young nobleman to accept. The night before, the girl heard Grey having sex with one of the bachelors at her aunt Jocasta’s dinner, revealing his being gay, which is kind unconvenient for the time. So dear Lord John Grey, either you marry her or she spills the tea with her Aunt.

“You’re certainly your father’s daughter”

Lord John to Brianna

Despite this funny Fraser-style scene, Lord John had already understood from the first glance the fear that Brianna hides behind that confidence. The two have a beautiful heart-to-heart conversation that can be considered as the beginning of their beautiful friendship.

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Lord John tries to convince Brianna to forgive her father Jamie

The moment Brianna receives a letter of apology from her father Jamie after the serious accusations he had made, she is faced with an important crossroads: Read the letter and forgive him or ignore it?

As only a man of his caliber and a good friend can do, Lord John shares some of his wisdom and heart in an attempt to convince Brianna to forgive her father and have hope in her Roger’s return.

“Hope is at the very heart of love”

Lord John Grey

Lord John supports Brianna in her will to visit Bonnet in prison

Still talking about how Lord John Grey is a wonderful friend, as well as a person with a huge heart, on Outlander Season 4 we saw the British soldier fully supporting Brianna in her desire to face Stephen Bonnet again, by visiting him in prison, so as to free her soul forever.

It will be he who will accompany her to Wilmington and even inside the prison to the cell of Bonnet himself, just in case of any kind of dangerous situation generating for the girl.

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Brianna and Lord John talk about William!

At the end of season 5, Brianna finds herself greeting Lord John in view of their mutual departures, one to ‘home’ and the other to England – It is precisely on that occasion that the two have a brief but intense conversation on a topic which has always been considered a taboo, and which until that moment it remained a secret between Jamie, John (and Claire): William.

The girl has just found out the existence of her brother, and her sharing that joy with John was really insatiable ❤

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What’s your favorite moment between Brianna Fraser Mackenzie and Lord John Grey in Outlander? Let us know in the comments

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