‘One Tree Hill’ Turns 20: Ranking the 10 Most Bizarre Storylines

ONE TREE HILL, Sophia Bush, James Lafferty, Bethany Joy Galeotti, 'In Da Club',  (Season 5, aired Feb. 12, 2008), 2003-. photo: Fred Norris / © The CW / Courtesy Everett Collection

“One Tree Hill” evolved quite a bit from its premiere on September 23, 2003, homing in more on the show’s love triangles, both within Nathan and Lucas’ high school, and among the adult characters. Through the years, those lines blurred, with multiple former students dating or marrying their friends’ parents.

Below, Variety has ranked the wildest “One Tree Hill” storylines, from a high-school wedding to a dog eating Dan’s donor heart.

Nathan and Haley get married

“One Tree Hill” didn’t waste anytime diving into absurd storytelling; by the end of Season 1, teenage Haley (Bethany Joy Lenz) and Nathan had decided to get married after having dated for a few months. The way it was revealed was also bizarre, with Lucas seeing her half-dressed in the morning and berating her for not waiting until marriage to have sex. She then tells him, “We did wait. We got married last night.”

Pete Wentz plays Pete Wentz

Amid some of the series’ heaviest storylines in Season 3, “One Tree Hill” brought in Pete Wentz … as himself. He met Peyton when she somehow secured Fall Out Boy to play at her club, Tric — and they casually started dating. Underlining this: Pete Wentz, a grown man playing himself, dated Peyton while she was a high school student.

Nathan gets involved with a loan shark… played by Rick Fox

While his wife, Haley, was pregnant, Nathan was struggling with finances in Season 4. So, as a high school senior, he got involved with Daunte, a loan shark (Rick Fox!). After he won the state championship, when he was told to lose, Daunte hit pregnant Haley with his car. Later in the season, Nathan ultimately loses his scholarship for the point shaving.

Lindsay realizing Lucas still loved Peyton while at the altar

Lindsay (Michaela McManus) and Lucas’ relationship was rough from the start, as they met while she edited his book, “The Comet,” which was clearly about Peyton. However, instead of realizing that fact while she was editing the book — or while seeing Peyton driving her car, a Comet, around town for months, Lindsay somehow thought of it while at the altar. Ultimately, she left Lucas standing there alone and broke his heart.

Skills dates Deb

At the end of Season 5, Nathan’s mom, Deb (Barbara Alyn Woods) began dating Skills (Antwon Tanner), one of his best friends who went to high school with him. They hid the romance for a bit until coming out as a couple. Ultimately, they broke up when she found out he wants kids.

Dan and Rachel get married

Rachel (Danneel Ackles) — who’d gone to Tree Hill High with Lucas, Peyton and Brooke (Sophia Bush) — returned in Season 7, and was, in quite a shocking reveal, married to Dan. Apparently, they’d met when she was working as a stripper and prostitute, and they decided to get together to launch a self-help talk show, “Scott Free Redemption.” (Spoiler alert: they ultimately divorce.)

Peyton’s two brothers

First, Peyton found out she had a long-lost brother, and audiences met Derek (Matt Barr), a man whose girlfriend had died so he began stalking Peyton because she looked like her. After she found out he wasn’t who he said he was, he attacked her — twice. During the second attack, Brooke came to her rescue and they were able to knock him out with their “eighth grade cheer camp” routine. Meanwhile, Peyton’s real long-lost brother Derek (Ernest Waddell) was introduced, a Marine who is actually very normal!

Everything Nanny Carrie does

In Season 5, Nanny Carrie (Torrey DeVitto) became obsessed with Nathan, and tried to seduce him multiple times, nearly ruining his marriage to Haley. Then, after being fired as Nathan and Haley’s nanny for their son Jamie (Jackson Brundage), she kidnapped Jamie and took him to a creepy motel room. Luckily, Dan caught her and saved Jamie. She returned in Season 6 as a fake nurse, this time holding Dan captive in a house in the middle of nowhere. When Haley had an inkling that something was wrong with Dan, she went (with Jamie in tow, for some reason) to see what’s going on. And the two of them ended up being chased through a corn field by Carrie. Ultimately, Deb stepped in and smashed a bottle in her face. Dan followed up by shooting her.

Nathan gets kidnapped

In the final season of the show, it’s now Nathan who got kidnapped for attempting to sign a Russian basketball player. (He was working as an agent by this point?) Not only did Dan come up with an entire plan to get him back, but he enlisted Julian (Austin Nichols), Chris Keller (Tyler Hilton) and Clay to help. The episode was oddly filled with comedy — until it’s not. In the end, Dan saved Nathan’s life, and seemingly was redeemed for the awful crimes he’d committed over the course of the series. But, he got shot in the process and soon after, died.

A dog eats Dan’s heart

Long before Dan died, though, during Season 6, he was at the center of one of the most infamous scenes from “One Tree Hill.”Dan was set to get a heart transplant, and while he was in the waiting room, a staff member carrying said heart tripped on a dog leash and dropped the freezer it’s in. The heart rolled out onto the floor, and a random golden retriever ate it, while Dan watched.(On top of everything else, apparently, while prepping for heart surgery, patients are just wandering through the waiting room in their hospital gowns.)

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