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Happy Sunday, everybody! On this festive day we’re talking about the TV show One Tree Hill , which is now over since 2012 but remained in the heart of its fans around the world since then.
In these days a rumour has also been circulating online about the announcement of a possible tenth season of the show by The CW, the network that originally broadcasted the show but it turned out to be a fake news. For now, therefore, the hopes of seeing the adventures of the Scott family and the Baker family again are still vain, but the last word is not spoken yet. In a Hollywood landscape obsessed with reboots and remakes, never say never.

The show’s official series finale aired for the first time in 2012 and it’s the final episode of season nine. Brooke and Julian are married with twins. In short, all is well that ends well with a final flashforward that shows the whole expanded group in the gym of Tree Hill High applauding a teenage Jamie who debuts in a Ravens match. The circle ends then referring to the Scott brothers in season one, and the story begins again… A story we might revisit in the future hopefully.
I wouldn’t mind seeing new episodes starring Jamie, the Baker twins, Lydia and their schoolmates.

Season 9 is the official series finale, but there were three moments during the show that could have been worthy and wonderful conclusions for the Tree Hill group of friends. Let’s see which ones.

The season four finale marks the end of high school for Scott&co and is for us the first finals of the series. The graduates meet at the beloved Campetto to say goodbye departing for college. Haley and Nathan savor the first moments as parents, Peyton and Lucas are together and everyone is happy, waiting to know what future holds.

Another moment in the story, which we can call a worthy series finale, is the final episode of season six that marks Chad Michael Murray – Lucas – and Hilarie Burton – Peyton – farewell from the show. Only the young Scott will return in an episode of the ninth season to salute fans and best friend Haley. The final scene sees Lucas and Peyton together with their newborn daughter chasing the horizon aboard the Comet that brought them together. Haley and Nathan have overcome various difficulties and are savoring the life as parents while Brooke tells Julian to love him, thus creating one of the most epic love stories of the show.

Ready to know the latest about the One Tree Hill Series Finales? The season eight finale could be the most appropriate. New characters took over from Lucas and Peyton and we started to love them too. Quinn, one of Haley’s sisters, and Clay, Nathan’s new coach, become a regular part of the lives of Scott and One Tree Hill fans. In the final of the ‘Eighth Season Haley and Nathan are parents of another child; Brooke and Julian are married and become parents of twins while the two friends take over the Karen’s Cafe to bring back to life one of the most iconic places of their adolescence. What more could we want?

And what do you think of these possible One Tree Hill Series finale? The writers of the show have always been kind to fans and they thought about giving the fitting end whenever the series was at risk. And thinking that where many shows fail in the enterprise even once, One Tree Hill succeeded for four.

If I intrigued you, and you haven’t watched the series yet, you can buy boxes of the various seasons on Amazon because unfortunately no online streaming platform has yet made available the series in Italy. In the United States, however, all nine seasons are available on Amazon Prime Video.

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