New York and TV series: A book reminds us the Big Apple is the ideal location!

It’s up to you, New York: quando la Grande Mela diventa la location ideale delle serie tv

If there is one city that oozes TV series from every corner, that is New York City. The Big Apple is probably the location we think of as soon as we are asked to imagine a TV series. Comedy, crime, mystery, long series, miniseries or docu-series: New York can really tell a story about anything.

Telling the places in New York featured in the most iconic TV series of recent years is the aim of the book ‘New York Trip’, by Giorgia Di Stefano for Porto Seguro Editore.

The many faces of the city that never sleeps are recounted through the eyes of TV series that have contributed to increasing its fascination, from the most recent to the now classic ones: Succession, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Only Murders in the Building and Master of None are some of the “maps” used to unravel a city that, thanks also to its presence on the small screen, has become something more than just a city. Twenty-five TV series are mentioned in the book. With all the practical directions to reach those places that have become part of TV history but that can also be part of the history of our own US-made journey.

New York is a symbol of freedom and emancipation, as the four girlfriends of Sex and The City taught us; it is a place that offers carefree memories and laughter among friends, like those between the protagonists of Friends and Will & Grace. It is the city where the entertainment world itself finds itself looking in the mirror and making fun of itself, in the style of 30 Rock. But it is also the springboard from which occasions can become turning points in everyone’s lives, as the protagonists of Ugly Betty and 2 Broke Girls experienced.

For those seeking more intense stories, New York offers streets (or rather, neighbourhoods) where police officers and detectives bring to justice those who threaten people’s peace of mind. Crime, in fact, also goes well with New York because of its plurality of voices and stories, which a genre like this sorely needs if it is to last: the Law and Order universe speaks for itself. And there is room for mystery too: the secret of Manifest ‘s Flight 828 unfolds in New York.

A city that is truly everyone’s, but also for everyone: and so it is with TV series.

In recent years, generalists, cable TV and platforms have made New York a chameleon-like location, capable of changing skin according to the needs not only of the stories to be told, but also of their destination. Thus, the Big Apple can be devoured au naturel by the familiar audience of linear TV. Enjoyed with the more intriguing and daring flavours of cable television. Or be both to satisfy the palates of those who prefer to browse through a platform’s catalogue and choose which New York to be enthralled by.

At a time when economic, climatic, and social changes are overwhelming us, TV series act as compasses, pointing us towards roads we may not even know or offering us the opportunity to mirror ourselves with all our contradictions. Cities metabolise and, in turn, change their appearance: some fail to keep up with the times, others undergo traumatic evolutions. And then there is New York, classic, contemporary and also ready to look to the future. A screenwriter, after all, cannot ask for more.

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