Manifest: which character would you be based on your zodiac sign?

manifest zodiac sign characters

Manifest is a series rich of characters, all different from each other: have you ever thought about which character would you be based on your zodiac sign?

Here’s every Manifest character associated with a zodiac sign!
Disclaimer: the signs have been associated according to the characteristics of the individual characters and the zodiacal signs. The birth date of the characters is unknown.

Aries – Ben

Manifest: Ben Stone Reveals He "Knows" What Happened to Flight 828 in New  Trailer - CraveYouTV TV Show Recaps, Reviews, Spoilers, Interviews

Ben makes impulsive decisions and is known to have a bad temper. This makes her an Aries! Aries are very impulsive, brave, stubborn and not afraid to say what they think. They are a fire sign and for this reason they are also very passionate.

Taurus – Danny

Manifest Season 1 Episode 5 – Daniel Sunjata as Danny | Tell-Tale TV

People born under the sign of Taurus emanate stability, security and a sense of calm even if they are surrounded by a hurricane, like they always have everything under control. Danny is the perfect representation of it! They are very logical, practical and love to be in control. Taurus like the good life and knowing they can live in comfort. But they know that they have to work hard to achieve this!

Gemini – Angelina

Manifest' Sneak Peek: Angelina Visits Pete With a Theory About That Photo  (VIDEO)

Those born under the sign of Gemini are versatile and adapt well to any kind of situation they find themselves in, much like Angelina. Gemini are also a bit moody, curious and ambiguous. People born under this constellation are very often unstable and inconsistent – and this suits Angelina perfectly! They are chatty, a bit of social butterflies, but they are also extremely intelligent!

Cancer – Zeke

Does Zeke Die in 'Manifest'? - How Did Zeke Beat the Death Date in 'Manifest '?

People born under the sign of Cancer are emotional, intuitive, have a great sixth sense and can get really moody sometimes. Zeke represents this sign well! This sign is very sensitive but hides a hidden strenght inside! Cancer is also very empathetic, a “power” that Zeke seems to have acquired in the third season!

Leo – Grace

Manifest Season 1 Episode 15 – Athena Karkanis as Grace Stone | Tell-Tale TV

Leos love to be the center of attention: Grace is the perfect representation of this sign. Leo is self-centered, charismatic, very proud, loves drama and does not let anyone put their feet on his head. But Leo hides a certain sensitivity: for the people they care about, they would do anything! Just think about Grace’s family!

Virgo – Olive

MANIFEST -- "Airplane Bottles" Episode 209 -- Pictured: Luna Blaise as Olive  Stone -- (Photo by: Pet | Tv show outfits, Bottle episode, Edgy fashion

Those born under the sign of Virgo are perfectionists, altruists, analytical and responsible. Olive, with her perfectionism and organized ways, is the perfect representation of a Virgo! She is attentive to every detail and is always ready to help others.
Those born under this sign, however, have a tendency to seek perfection even in themselves, risking to put on themselves too much pressure!

Libra – Saanvi

INTERVIEW: Parveen Kaur Reveals Saanvi Has 'Trauma' to Work Through on  Manifest Season 3 - CraveYouTV TV Show Recaps, Reviews, Spoilers, Interviews

Those born under the sign of Libra are diplomatic, balanced, loyal, idealistic and always ready to do the best for the common good. Saanvi is in fact trying to find a cure for the passengers: those born under this constellation hate conflicts and avoid them at all costs!

Scorpio – Jared

Manifest 4: Ufficialmente Iniziate le Riprese dei Nuovi Episodi

Scorpio is a bit different from the other two water signs (Cancer and Pisces) because it hides its sensitivity very well. Those born under the sign of Scorpio are very complex, a bit dark and hide secrets, like Jared. They struggle to understand themselves and hide behind a wall of coldness for fear of being hurt and to be vulnerable. They’re curious, they don’t trust anyone, and at first sight they’re very hard and cold. Actually, once the walls are down, they hide a very sensitive side. In love they are very passionate, loyal and would do anything for the other person.

Sagittarius – Michaela

Who Is Melissa Roxburgh (Michaela on 'Manifest')? - PureWow

Mick is the perfect representation of this sign: she’s always on the move and has a thousand ideas on her head! Sagittarius wants everything right away and does not fear change. This sign is philosophical, honest and has big dreams. Sagittarius love their freedom and that’s why they struggle to have a stable relationship. If they really fall in love, however, Sagittarius is one of the most faithful signs of the zodiac!

Capricorn – Robert

Manifest 4: Daryl Edwards tornerà a tempo pieno nella quarta stagione

Capricorn is honest, stubborn, has a strong personality and is a born leader, just like Robert! Capricorns are masters of discipline, hardworking, but they’re a bit of a know-it-all. Very stubborn, he knows what he wants and will do anything to get it! A Capricorn will never betray their friends as they’s very loyal.

Aquarius – TJ

What Happened to TJ on 'Manifest'? Details on the Character's Trajectory

Sometimes described as strange, Aquarius is creative, intellectual and innovative. TJ represents this sign well! Aquarius find normality boring and also for this reason they sometimes detach from reality and prefer to be alone. Aquarius live a conflict between what they are and what they would like to be. They are loyal and generous to the people they love. They often close in on themselves and for this reason they are sometimes considered weird, but they do not care!

Pisces – Cal

Pisces is the most romantic and dreamer sign of the zodiac: they has a strong creativity and often, for this reason, they work in the field of the arts. This sign is also very empathetic and prefer to be guided: they are not great leaders. Cal represents this sign well: he is extremely empathetic, sensitive and creative and demonstrates it with the Callings!


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