Love Is Blind: The biggest bombshells revealed during the season 5 reunion!

That didn't take long! Only a few days after the Love Is Blind season 5 finale saw just one couple get married, the cast got back together for the reunion. Here are the 11 biggest revelations!
Love is Blind. (L to R) Milton Johnson, Lydia Velez Gonzalez, Nick Lachey, Vanessa Lachey, Stacy Snyder, Izzy Zapata in season 5 of Love is Blind. Cr. Greg Gayne/Netflix © 2023

That didn’t take long! Only a few days after the Love Is Blind season 5 finale saw just one couple get married, the cast got back together for the reunion (now streaming on Netflix). And while all the usual topics were covered in the special episode, from who’s still together to who broke up, so many more bombshells were revealed than anyone was expecting. Here are the 11 biggest revelations from the reunion episode!

Warning: This article contains spoilers about the Love Is Blind season 5 reunion.

Love Is Blind: The biggest bombshells revealed during the season 5 reunion!

Milton and Lydia are still together

One of the most shocking aspects to this messy season is that the only couple to actually get married in the finale was Milton and Lydia, and they reveal during the reunion that they’re still “happily married” a year and a half later — to which a clearly jealous Izzy replies, “Oh boy, love that for you.” Milton and Lydia even had a second wedding celebration in Puerto Rico with her family.

And things are better than ever for the happy couple, as Milton says he now has a better work-life balance due to wanting to go home to his wife. He also jokes Lydia is now too close to his mom. But he loves how she’s influenced his parents to be softer and more open with their emotions and love. 

Izzy and Stacy did not stay together after the failed wedding

While Stacy didn’t say “I do” at the altar, both she and Izzy wanted to stay together and keep dating after the failed wedding. However, they are not together now — and never actually continued dating at all. Stacy reveals they agreed to take time for themselves after the wedding, and a week later they met and went on a date. During that date, Izzy says he felt something was off and asked Stacy about it, and she told him she couldn’t be with him.

According to Stacy, she had wanted to start over without the cameras and date each other without the pressure of an engagement. But Izzy didn’t want to go backwards — he wanted to continue from where they were at and get married. Izzy was so mad he didn’t talk to her for a year (his dad passed away a month later. And he ignored the text she sent him checking in about it).

After a year, they ran into each other randomly at a bar and he hugged her immediately. They ended up finally talking about everything, and even kissed, but they never got back together. Now they’re just “bros” and actually talk to each other about their current dating experiences. They also accidentally went on a double date together at a cooking class with different significant others. They’re both dating other people now.

Love Is Blind: The biggest bombshells revealed during the season 5 reunion!

Izzy still doesn’t think his bad credit score should be a dealbreaker

When talking about why Stacy didn’t want to get married, Izzy says he didn’t think the issue of his bad credit score would “be that huge” because others in the pods knew about it — but he never had that conversation with Stacy. Stacy argues that they did talk about finances a lot, but Izzy didn’t say anything about his credit score. He says that’s because he paid off his debt, and just didn’t reveal his bad credit, and there wasn’t the right time to reveal it to her.

Johnie and Chris ended in disaster

Johnie and Chris didn’t get engaged, but they did get together outside the pods. However, they are not together anymore — and that’s essentially because Chris ghosted and cheated on Johnie. Yeah, even hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey couldn’t believe the “nicest” guy from the season would do that!

Johnie found out Chris had started seeing someone else only a few weeks after that cast barbecue in episode 8 (which was actually the last time she had seen him). Chris confirms that he started seeing someone without telling Johnie and what he did was terrible. “I didn’t handle the situation as someone would properly,” he says. He now lives with that person, so he’s happy with how things ended up, but one of the biggest regrets he has is not telling Johnie himself — she found out because one of her friends saw Chris with the other person and told her. But Johnie has made peace with it and has also been seeing someone else for a year now.

Izzy and Johnie tried to get back together

The love triangle of Izzy, Johnie, and Stacy is still going strong! It turns out that only a week after Izzy and Stacy broke up, he tried to get back together with his pod ex Johnie. About a year ago, fresh off his breakup, Izzy approached Johnie when a bunch of the season 5 cast went out to a bar because he wanted to apologize for the way he spoke to her at the barbecue (but he makes sure to clarify he didn’t apologize for the things he said, just the delivery).

While at the bar, they talked for an hour and made out in Izzy’s jeep. They both claim they just kissed and didn’t sleep together. But Izzy wasn’t ready to date yet, and it was too soon for Johnie after how he treated her and what happened with Chris, so they decided to stay friends.

Stacy is not thrilled to hear that Izzy wanted to give things with Johnie another try, and she calls him out for it because of all the things he said about Johnie to her. She says it’s a reflection on Izzy more than anything.

Aaliyah and Uche also tried dating after the show ended

But wait, there’s more! Turns out there was another failed pod relationship that gave it another shot in the real world. When Aaliyah joins the reunion, she reveals she dated Uche after filming the season. But their relationship ended “for many reasons,” the main one being he told other cast members she wasn’t the type of woman he usually finds attractive. Plus, he was mean and condescending towards her, so she decided it wasn’t worth chasing. 

Aaliyah and Lydia aren’t friends

After their disastrous friendship in the pods, there is no love lost between Aaliyah and Lydia. In regards to the conversation about Uche that made Aaliyah want to leave the show, Lydia says she had the best intentions but “didn’t read the room.” Aaliyah says she’s upset that she didn’t get the genuine Love Is Blind experience, and that she set boundaries with Lydia that weren’t respected.

Producers intervened when Uche and Lydia realized they knew each other in the pods

In a first for the franchise, two contestants realized in the pods that they had previously dated in the real world — and producers were not happy about it. When Lydia and Uche recognized each other on their first date, production actually wanted to send them both home immediately. But since they both separately said they had no interest in dating one another, they were allowed to continue with the experiment as long as they didn’t reveal their past history to other participants. It was only after they both formed real connections (Uche with Aaliyah, and Lydia with Milton) that producers allowed them to finally share that information.

Lydia says the public is too quick to judge the situation, but Aaliyah thinks it’s a mistake that she wasn’t told sooner because she would have separated herself from Lydia during filming to keep her experience genuine.

Aaliyah accuses Lydia of going on the show for Uche

As for the biggest question of the season … did Lydia go on the show to be with Uche? Aaliyah definitely thinks so, and she finally confronts Lydia about it during the reunion. Aaliyah reveals Lydia told her outside of filming that she and Uche planned to be on the show together … and then Lydia actually confirms she and Uche had a “two second” conversation about seeing the casting for the show. However, Lydia claims that was it, and that she had no confirmation Uche would be on the show. She says if she “had that power,” Uche would not have been on the show at all. Milton also says that Uche had acted weird towards him dating Lydia during the pods portion of the season.

Both Nick and Vanessa apologize to Aaliyah for what happened to her on the show, but she says she is in a loving relationship now and is at peace. 

Everyone hates Uche

With all this talk about Uche, where is he? Nick reveals Uche was invited to the reunion but chose not to be part of it. He doesn’t even do a video interview. And no one is surprised: Izzy says he’s “not a fan” because he found out Uche was talking bad about him to the women in the pods. Milton says Uche will text him sometimes but he ignores him because “there’s no point.” Lydia says Uche texted her the day the show aired offering to discuss anything on the show, and Aaliyah says she got the same text.

JP still loves red, white, and blue clothes — and hates makeup

When JP and Taylor join the reunion, JP is, of course, wearing red, white, and blue socks, even with his formal suit. Ugh. He says it was “not fun” watching this season, knowing he should have done more to save his relationship with Taylor, and that he was nervous while being filmed in Mexico. But Stacy asks him why he was still acting weird and silent when the cameras weren’t there, and he tries to argue that Taylor didn’t want to be there either. Taylor disagrees, adding that it was clear he didn’t try to make it work. She says being nervous from the cameras isn’t an excuse because they all had to deal with that. 

Taylor actually comes out swinging as she consistently holds JP accountable for how he acted towards her until he finally apologizes to her. But just like Izzy, he makes sure to clarify he’s apologizing for how he spoke to her, not for what he said, because he still thinks that telling her she looked better without makeup is a compliment. Taylor says she forgives him but he needs to learn from the whole experience because he shouldn’t do that to another girl. He then doubles down and says she was “shocking” during their reveal and looked fake. 

There’s no saving this relationship (if you can even call it that) — this is the first time Taylor and JP have seen each other since Mexico, and they’re both seeing other people. Hopefully JP’s new partner loves his red, white, and blue wardrobe … and hates wearing makeup.

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