Love Is Blind Season 5: Which Couples Are Still Together?

Love Is Blind Season 5 is a season of firsts. Viewers get four full episodes of pod dates, whereas in past seasons the engagements are usually complete by then. Check out where all of the couples of Love Is Blind Season 5 stand as of Episode 4!

Love Is Blind Season 5 is a season of firsts. Viewers get four full episodes of pod dates, whereas in past seasons the engagements are usually complete by then. And while there’s significantly more time spent in the pods and the men’s and women’s lounges, there are fewer engagements this season than usual. You know what Season 5 does have, though? Exes.

Below is where all of the couples of Love Is Blind Season 5 stand as of Episode 10 (Episodes 11 drops October 16). Keep checking in here, as we’ll be updating this list weekly as new episodes come out.

[Warning: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 5 Episodes 1-10.]

J.P. & Taylor: Broken Up

J.P. and Taylor were the first to get engaged in Season 5. The lovebirds had a sweet first meeting, but there was some slight awkwardness.

That awkwardness only got worse on the Mexican honeymoon. Their time there was filled with painful silences, with Taylor begging J.P. to lead conversation even just a little bit. In Episode 6, he finally came clean and admitted that Taylor’s makeup at their first meeting, of all things, turned him off and made him want to talk less. Taylor didn’t buy that as the full truth. They broke up the next morning.

Extra’s chatted with “Love Is Blind” Season 5 stars Taylor Rue and Aaliyah Cosby about all the ups and downs they experienced while trying to find love, sight unseen.

Taylor opened up about falling fast for JP and the awkwardness between them after finally coming face-to-face.

On the show, Taylor “was quick” with the “I love you” to JP. She shared, “I really did truly love him, or I wouldn’t have said it, you know? I think he had lovefor me.”

Of their connection in the pods, she said, “You’re dating for, like, hours sometimes and you’re getting to know like every layer of that person.”

While they felt stronger about each other in the pods, things were different once they met.

She shared, “I don’t know what it was. I’m still trying to figure it out.”

“It was very off-putting for me,” Taylor admitted. “I didn’t expect it… I feel like I can get along with anybody, so I don’t really know what happened, but for me, at a point in Mexico, I had one foot out the door, one foot in the door, and that’s not fair to him, not fair to myself.”

Despite everything, Taylor has no regrets about being on the show.

She explained, “You learn, you know, what you’re willing to put up with and you learn what you want and what you don’t want in a man… along with learning about yourself and learning to loveyourself.”

Stacy & Izzy: Unclear

After breaking up with Johnie, Izzy set his focus on Stacy, leading to their engagement. Johnie realized too late that Stacy was Izzy’s No. 1, leading to her talking badly about Stacy in the women’s lounge within her earshot. Nevertheless, her first meeting with Izzy was a very flirty one.

They’re still engaged as of Episode 7, though they both clearly bear some ill will towards Johnie, who’s now in a relationship with her other pod ex, Chris. Stacy and Izzy met each other’s families in this episode drop and had a lot of serious talks about money and expectations when moving in together.

In Episodes 8 and 9, the pressures of life started to get to them.

Izzy revealed he had a low credit score due to some credit card debt. This was a major concern for Stacy and led to an uncomfortable disagreement. While the debt was less than $5,000, Stacy was alarmed that Izzy didn’t tell her sooner. Izzy said he always planned on telling her, and he did bring up the topic unprompted in a show of transparency, but Stacy’s trust in him was knocked because he didn’t tell her early on in their relationship.

At the altar, Izzy said “I do,” but Stacy, while she “wants to say yes,” said they needed more time before tying the knot. She assured him that she still loved him and wanted to be together. They kissed and the wedding guests cheered, but Izzy’s true feelings set in afterward.

Izzy told Stacy he felt hurt and betrayed in a private conversation after the altar. He said he loved her the way she needed to be loved but she didn’t do the same for him. The moment felt more like a crossroads than a breakup, so it’s not clear where this pair stands. The October 15 reunion will reveal all.

Stacy reveals Izzy knew she wasn’t going to say ‘I do’

The outcomes of both Love Is Blind season 5 weddings were shocking to viewers, but Stacy reveals that she and Izzy actually knew they weren’t going to get married before filming the finale.

After their fight about Izzy’s bad credit score before the wedding, Stacy knew it wasn’t the right time for them to get married. But the episode didn’t reveal her decision until she and Izzy were at the altar and Izzy said “I do.” When it was Stacy’s turn, she explained she wanted to say yes but that would do Izzy a disservice because they needed time to work on things first. He said he understood and and still loved her, and they kissed as their friends and family cheered for them.

Stacy tells EW that Izzy actually knew in advance that she wasn’t going to say “I do” during their wedding.

“He knew that I wasn’t saying yes, and he told me that he still wanted to say yes,” Stacy says. “He was worried about looking stupid or rejected up there, and I was like, ‘Don’t show up. I’ll handle this.’ It was more like he wanted everyone to know that the love was real and that he’s saying, ‘I’m always going to be a yes to you, even though I know you’re not there.’ Parts of it were sad for me, and the other parts were somewhat romantic, I guess, but it wasn’t fun.”

Stacy also reveals that Izzy’s bad credit score wasn’t the main issue — it was the fact that he waited until right before the wedding to tell her about it when she had been asking him about his finances for weeks.

“It was an ongoing conversation — I was working with a therapist and an attorney [talking about how] I just met someone and I’m going to get married in a couple of weeks, how do I cover my bases?” she says. “I don’t have time for premarital counseling, I’ve got a home and I’ve got assets. They were like, ‘You need to have communication about finances.'”

Throughout the entire season, Stacy tried to have that conversation with Izzy, but says he kept brushing her off and skirting the issue.

“It was probably every day that I’m like, ‘We need to pull out all of our bank statements, our credit cards, we need to look at each other’s spending if it’s over a certain amount so that nothing is a surprise once we’re married,'” she says. “Because I know that if I see him spend $1,000 at a bar, I’m going to be mad if I don’t know that that’s a regular thing, and vice versa, if I’m buying a pair of shoes or going to a nice dinner. I don’t think that he understood that that was really what I wanted to go over in depth. He was just like, ‘We’ll talk about it another time.'”

That time finally came during their final date before the wedding, simply because the clock had run out and Izzy had to break the news to her.

“At that airplane dinner, he was like, ‘Is there anything holding you back before the wedding day?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, we still haven’t covered that and if we don’t cover it, I’m not saying yes. This is it,'” Stacy says. “And when we covered it, it wasn’t great. It wasn’t just the credit. I mean the credit was a shock, and I don’t know why he didn’t think to bring that up, because there were several times where it did come up and he just was like, ‘It’s fine.’ I still don’t really understand why he wouldn’t have been like, ‘I need to tell you this. I’ve got it covered, I paid it off, but… ‘ Because I just probably would’ve been more understanding to it. But the fact that it was hidden, I’m like, ‘Why wouldn’t you have told me that?'”

On top of his credit score, Stacy also struggled with how unsettled Izzy seemed to be with his career and finances at that point in his life.

“His job was brand new, it felt like he was still in training, he was 1099 contracted. He was like, ‘I don’t know what my income is, I’m all commission and I don’t have benefits.'” she says.

“I’m like. ‘So if you get in a car wreck tomorrow, I am responsible for the both of us financially and paying your medical bills without insurance. And I don’t have the money to do that.’ It’s all of these scenarios of the what ifs that you have to play in your head when you get married and join your life together. I am responsible for you, and you’re responsible for me. It was shocking to me that he didn’t tell me that and that he didn’t think it was a big deal to go into depth as far as where he was at in his career. So we just were not on the same page as the importance of it.”

But Stacy didn’t decide she wasn’t going to get married to him immediately after that conversation — it took about a day for the shock to wear off before she could make any decision about their future.

“It put me in a state of, this is very real, this is very serious. What do I do?” she says. “Do I take a leap of faith and hope to God there is nothing else. And hope that he doesn’t have anything come up medically where this could be bad for me financially? Or do I look at this as a responsible adult and take the time to see if it is or isn’t a deal breaker? I didn’t feel in that moment it was a no, and then slowly it was just like, I needed to have with full certainty that it was a yes for me to say yes. I didn’t have that after that conversation.”

A year and a half later, Stacy was even more shocked when she watched the first few episodes of season 5 and saw that Izzy told his pod ex Johnie about his credit score during one of their early dates.

“We talked about a lot of the same things that he talked about with her — his religious background, stuff with his dad, the adoption, we talked about all of those deep topics as well,” she says. “I don’t know how it came up with them, maybe she really went there to get the info, because we did talk about finances and I asked if he was in debt, student loans, and he said no, so I don’t know why they got there and we didn’t. That was the first time, watching the show, that I even knew that he disclosed it to anyone.”

She adds that it was difficult to see him openly share that information with Johnie right away when she had been trying to get answers from him throughout their entire engagement.

“I just don’t understand that,” she says. “Did something happen when you said that, that she pulled back where you were like, ‘Crap, I don’t want to tell Stacy that, and her pull back, too?’ I don’t know, but I was very surprised because then he was saying, ‘I didn’t tell you because there was some shame,’ which makes sense, but there wasn’t shame there. Or was there [with Johnie], and that’s why you didn’t tell me?”

Looking back on it now, Stacy isn’t sure whether they’d be married if Izzy had disclosed that information to her sooner.

“Things would be different,” she says. “But it was just everything, like lifestyle was kind of a question mark for me. It would’ve better prepared me for the other financial conversations we were having, knowing his background and where he was at, even career-wise, for me to better navigate the gender expectations. If you’re just starting out and you have bad credit, what are your goals financially to get there? It’s just hard to even imagine. It might’ve been better, it might’ve been worse. There were other things outside of that also that were not meshing, and that was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Izzy reveals what you didn’t see in that fight about his credit score

Love may have been blind for Izzy and Stacy, but it definitely wasn’t able to forgive a bad credit score.

As one of only two couples to make it down the aisle in Love Is Blind season 5, Izzy and Stacy ultimately didn’t get married after Izzy told Stacy days before their wedding that he has a bad credit score. And while the fallout from their fight was shown, plenty of drama that led to their failed wedding wasn’t.

Izzy tells EW that it all began during their final date before the wedding, when the topic of their finances came up.

“We did talk about it a little bit during that final date, so when we got home, I was like, ‘Let’s have the convo. Let’s just dish it all out,'” he says. “I wouldn’t really say it was a fight, it was just a finance conversation. We had that when we got home, we pretty much just sat down and started dishing everything out, and I explained everything to her.”

Izzy says he didn’t feel like he was withholding a shocking piece of information from Stacy at the time.

“We’re talking about how much we make, savings, 401(k), things like that, figuring out the bank account situation, how we’re going to go about that,” he explains. “I was like, ‘I don’t owe any money, my student loans are paid off, I just messed up my credit when I was younger in college. I just have bad credit, that was it.’ And she was just blindsided by it and felt like I was trying to keep it from her and, I guess, lie. It just freaked her out.”

He adds that he was surprised by her reaction.

“I didn’t feel like it was going to be that much of a make-or-break [issue], but it was moreso the timeframe of when it came out,” Izzy says. “She just didn’t feel comfortable enough to have the time to process it as we’re about to get married two days later. But I was surprised because credit is fixable, you know what I mean? I’ve already been fixing it since then. I didn’t think that was going to be such a big deal-breaker.”

What made his timing even more shocking is the fact that, earlier in the season, his pod ex Johnie revealed that Izzy told her about his bad credit score.

Yeah, that’s what was crazy that I feel like I wasn’t trying to hide it or anything like that, because I did bring it up in the pods, [but] the conversations you have with everyone are different or steered in different directions,” Izzy says. “It was just nothing that was brought up with Stacy. I wonder if the outcome would’ve been different, if we would be married right now, if I brought it up sooner with Stacy.

Izzy adds that he never thought it was the right time to have that discussion, but he knew it had to happen before the wedding.

“We just didn’t have the time with filming and everything to sit and have that conversation — we were working, and then going to film, and then by the time we’re done, it’s like 12 or 1 in the morning and I got to wake up early for work again, so I just want to go to bed,” he says. “I’m so mentally drained, and that’s not going to be a five-minute nonchalant conversation to have. When you do that, it’s going to be a pretty long conversation. But I wish I would’ve said it sooner.”

Does he believe his bad credit score is the reason why Stacy ultimately didn’t say “I do” at the altar? “That was one of the biggest things, but we had a few little other issues that we hadn’t resolved,” he says. “Our dogs didn’t get along well. She wasn’t ready. I kind of had a feeling it was coming. I was still devastated because I really wanted to get married in that moment, but I was still fine knowing that she still wanted to be together and make it work after the wedding.”

Lydia & Milton: Married

Lydia is one of the two exes from the season. Her engagement with Milton was threatened when the secret of her and Uche’s past was revealed, but Milton still popped the question.

Their engagement came in Episode 5, moments after viewers saw Uche and Aaliyah’s tense phone call (more on that below). This is an opposites attract kind of couple. Where Lydia is loud and boisterous and emotional, Milton is a man of fewer words.

The cast reunion barbeque saw Uche and Lydia reunited, and Uche confronted Lydia about her behavior that led to their breakup (there was some Instagram and texting behavior he felt was disconcerting). This fight continued into Episode 8, with Uche pulling Milton aside to try and warn him about Lydia. Milton wasn’t fazed by Uche’s comments; his feelings for Lydia are rooted in his experiences with her and nothing else.

Milton did, however, criticize Lydia for her big emotions over the Uche situation in Episode 9.

A romantic dinner in a geology museum exhibit turned sour when Milton said he wished Lydia acted less out of emotion. Just because he’s more reserved and analytical, Lydia rightly said, doesn’t mean she’s wrong to feel her feelings. And truly, the Uche barbecue fight would be distressing for anyone.

Milton and Lydia were at an emotional crossroads in Episode 9, but they seemed to overcome their disagreement. Getting ready for the wedding, Lydia told her friends and family that she told Milton he had a lot to learn about letting himself feel his feelings. With his groomsmen, Milton felt confident about saying “I do,” but his friends and father expressed doubts that made Milton question his decision.

In the end, both Lydia and Milton said “I do,” making them the only married couple from Love Is Blind Season 5 (that we know of so far…).

Lydia wants her ex Uche to ‘move on’

Lydia got her happy ending in the Love Is Blind season 5 finale when she got married to Milton. That’s why she’s ready to put her history with ex Uche in the past once and for all.

“I’ve got nothing say to Uche,” Lydia tells EW. “He can go on and spread his lies, just keep me out of it. I know you’re lying, and that’s the end of it. Our relationship was [over] that day that I told you, ‘This is the last time you were going to see my face.’ I kept my promise. I don’t want to see you, I don’t want to talk to you, I don’t want to do anything with you. And if you are truly happy, you wouldn’t have my name in your mouth. Move on. It seems a little obsessive.”

In a first for the Netflix reality franchise, two contestants realized during their pod date that they had previously dated in the real world.

While they didn’t continue to date in the pods, their past became a major issue when Lydia’s pod BFF Aaliyah fell in love with Uche. Neither of them told Aaliyah the truth until Uche dropped the bombshell on her as he was ready to propose. When Aaliyah confronted Lydia, Lydia proceeded to tell her details about Uche and their history against Aaliyah’s wishes, and Aaliyah ultimately left the show. Later in the season, Uche confronted Lydia and her fiancé Milton with allegations against Lydia claiming she was stalking him during their relationship and went on the show to be with him.

“I went in to find love. I went in to find my husband, and that’s all I care about,” Lydia tells EW. “No, I did not know that Uche was going to be on the show. Get it loud and clear. Do I need to repeat it?”

However, Lydia adds that she did discuss with Uche the fact that Love Is Blind was casting singles from their city.

“Uche and I had a conversation, it was a two-second conversation, ‘Oh yeah, I applied to this,’ and I was like, ‘I did too. I got the call too,'” she says. “But it was so early on in the process, I didn’t think ever about it again. We never mentioned it again and I never thought that it was going to be this weird coincidence to have him there. Obviously, Aaliyah had formed her own conclusions about me. Unfortunate, but it is what it is.”

Lydia confirms that she and Uche had seriously dated, broken up, and then “were in an on-and-off situationship” before things ended again three months before filming began for season 5. And when she realized Uche was on a pod date with her early on in the process, she claims she was not happy about it.

“This is not ideal. This is not what I wanted,” she says. “You don’t want to find out that that person that you used to date was on the show. It’s so uncomfortable and such an unfortunate situation for everybody involved. I was like, ‘Oh my God, what should I do?’ At that moment, they haven’t taken us out of the pod yet. There was a lot of baggage in our relationship, and most of it was the lack of communication on his end.”

Lydia says that she was the one who ended things before filming began.

“I decided, ‘Nope. I don’t want to see you again. I cannot keep doing this,'” she adds. “That was it, that was the last time I heard from him. I blocked him. At that time, I didn’t have confirmation about the show, so I was like, ‘I’m going to go on with my life and forget about it.’ When I recognized his voice, I was like, ‘I don’t know what to do.’ I tried to let him guide it, and he was the one that said, ‘Is this a sign?’ That’s why I’m like, ‘Should we scratch everything and just start from zero?’ I will say that there was a comfort zone there. Now he’s creating all these lies and stories, and it doesn’t make sense what he’s alleging now.”

Keeping the truth a secret from Aaliyah wasn’t what Lydia wanted to do, but producers told her she couldn’t reveal her history with Uche.

“You see it when she’s sitting right next to me and she’s telling me details and I’m like, ‘Damn, she is really falling in love with this guy and I cannot say anything and she’s confiding in me,'” Lydia says. “What was I supposed to do? Push her away? I am not that person, and some part of me was feeling empathetic to her feelings. It was just me being genuinely a good friend. That’s what I was trying to be.”

Lydia understands why she wasn’t allowed to tell Aaliyah the truth sooner, but hates how that resulted in Aaliyah feeling betrayed.

“They were trying to save the experiment, and I can see it because I was friends with all the girls, not just with Aaliyah, and I would’ve been like, ‘By the way, I used to date him,'” she says. “No, it would’ve completely changed the dynamic. The hate has been really bad, but I took that huge responsibility when they were like, ‘Do you want to go home or you want to stay?’ And I told the executive producer, ‘My husband is here. I know it. Please give me a chance. I’ll make sure that I’m not going to say anything.'”

The moment Aaliyah told Lydia she didn’t want to know details about Uche only for Lydia to not respect her boundaries is something that still haunts Lydia.

“Oh my God, that conversation,” Lydia says with a groan. “I see that episode and it does hurt my feelings the way that it was put out to the viewers. The editors were trying to have a huge hour-long conversation and try to put it in a summarized way in five minutes. That was not it.”

Lydia claims that Aaliyah actually did ask her questions about Uche, despite how the conversation looks in the episode.

“She was like, ‘I want to know your perspective. I want to know your story,'” Lydia says. “She told me that she wanted me in her kid’s life. It was just too much. I’m going to give myself grace. I was trying to do the best for everybody involved, including my ex.”

Looking back on it now, Lydia says her only regret is how that conversation with Aaliyah went.

“One of the sad things is that conversation, that small thing, has tainted my whole experience, which was the purpose of finding love,” she adds. “And I did. And that is the celebration that we should have. Not talking about and paying attention to a five minute conversation that you saw on TV. I found love, let’s celebrate love!”

Aaliyah & Uche: Broken Up

Aaliyah and Uche didn’t get the same happy pod ending as the other engaged couples. Lydia, who had developed a close bond with Aaliyah, shared so many details about Uche — his appearance, the car he drives, stories about his dog — that it angered her. Uche apologized for the turmoil and thought all was well. He was ready to propose at the end of Episode 4, but Aaliyah was a no-show for their date. The episode ended with a producer being heard speaking in the pods for the first time, revealing Aaliyah had chosen to leave the experiment.

Episode 5 began with Uche calling Aaliyah in a confessional interview. It was during that call that Aaliyah revealed the ways in which Lydia ruined the experience for her and how it made her doubt Lydia and Uche’s intentions coming into the experiment. Uche felt betrayed that she left without saying anything.

Aaliyah and Uche met in person in a later episode in a restaurant. There, Aaliyah said she stilled loved Uche and wanted to marry him. She also dropped a shocking bombshell about Lydia. During their last conversation in the women’s lounge that led to Aaliyah’s departure, Lydia revealed more things she knew about Uche, and Aaliyah somehow learned that Lydia may have applied for the show because she found out Uche would be there.

While Uche understood why Aaliyah was upset in the pods, he couldn’t get over her subsequent actions. He did not want to explore their relationship further because of the broken trust.

Aaliyah shares her feelings about the Lydia and Uche ordeal in the video above, admitting Lydia “ruined” the experiment for her.

Love Is Blind season 5’s Aaliyah explains why she left the pods after Uche’s bombshell confession

Let’s back up. In the first four episodes of season 5 (now streaming), we see couples meet and date in the pods while the women and men bond in their separate living quarters in between dates as usual. Aaliyah and Uche begin to fall in love despite a bump in the road after she confesses an infidelity in her past that takes him quite a while to stop judging her for. The way Uche reacts leads Aaliyah to believe he’s going to end things with her, and her pod friend Lydia comforts her when she breaks down. Uche eventually gets over his issues with Aaliyah cheating on a past boyfriend, and they seem to be heading towards an engagement.

But in episode 4, Uche drops a bombshell on Aaliyah with his own confession: Lydia is actually his ex from the real world, from as recent as just three months before they began filming Love Is Blind. In flashbacks, we see Uche and Lydia’s first date in the pods when they realize they knew each other. Lydia even wants to continue dating Uche in the pods, but he tells her it would ruin the authenticity of the experiment.

Both Uche and Lydia kept that secret from Aaliyah throughout the rest of the experiment until his big reveal.

When Aaliyah confronts Lydia about keeping her in the dark about Uche, the two women seem to resolve the issue, but then Lydia can’t stop telling Aaliyah how much she knows about Uche — to an inappropriate degree — against Aaliyah’s wishes.

When Uche brings an engagement ring into the pods to propose to Aaliyah, he’s confused and then upset when producers tell him that Aaliyah has not only left him, she’s left the pods and the show entirely. The episode ends on that massive cliffhanger, but Aaliyah is finally ready to share her side of the story.

“I was very shocked in the moment,” Aaliyah tells EW of why she ultimately decided to leave. “I think most people would agree it was a pretty shocking revelation. I felt like it was the best decision for me. Considering all the factors and hearing both what Lydia and Uche had to say about everything, I just knew, moving forward, that wasn’t ideally the type of situation I’d want going into an engagement.”

Aaliyah explains that there wasn’t a single moment that was the last straw for her — although Lydia refusing to accept Aaliyah’s request to stop talking about her past with Uche definitely played a big part.

“It was more so a realization I had, an intuition thing, to be honest with you,” Aaliyah says. “I had a gut feeling. I didn’t feel comfortable with a lot, but my gut was just telling me this wasn’t what I wanted to do anymore. I felt like I gave my best effort. I mean, the episodes are only so long — you don’t get to see minute-by-minute everything that we discussed with one another. But there is a lot that I had to consider in making that decision and I felt like it was the best decision for me.”

Aaliyah on Leaving Uche in the Pods & Lydia’s Intentions

“Extra’s spoke to “Love Is Blind” Season 5 stars Aaliyah Cosby and Taylor Rue about their experiences looking for love in the pods.

Aaliyah opened up about why she connected so strongly with Uche Okoroha, and her decision to leave after learning about his past with one of the other cast members, Lydia Velez Gonzalez.

While Aaliyah found it “overwhelming” to date so many men at one time, she instantly felt a connection with Uche. She explained, “The first conversation I had with him, I just noticed how direct and eloquent he was. I loved the way he talked… He’s very intellectual and I’m very attracted to that in a man, but just also the fact that we connected on creative expression and poetry.”

She added, “I enjoy kind of sharing that energy with somebody… I wanted to be open, I wanted to be candid and transparent with him. I felt like we were both being very vulnerable with each other.”

As their relationship progressed, things came out — like his past with Lydia. Cosby noted, “You date somebody in the beginning and things seem all perfect and then the flaws start to come to the surface on both sides and I was willing to navigate that because I know, in a marriage, things aren’t always going to be perfect and you have to be willing to work through things… It just got a point where I was like, ‘Ok, maybe this might not be right for me… I ended up making a decision that I felt was best for me in the long run.”

Does she think Lydia “followed” Uche onto the show?

Aaliyah answered, “At this moment, I don’t really want to speak on that, but I will say that I have taken a lot of time to reflect and I don’t know what her intentions were.”

Keeping it classy, Cosby commented, “I think that might be a better question for her… I do have respect for Lydia. I want her to be happy and I genuinely wish her the best, I really do.”

Despite how things ended with Uche, Aaliyah was happy to be on the show. She said, “You learn so much about yourself doing something like this. I love who I’ve become now as a result of my experience.”

Love Is Blind season 5’s Milton discusses Lydia’s past with Uche

A secret past left two couples reeling after the first four episodes of Love Is Blind season 5.

In a first for the franchise, two cast members realized during a pod date that not only had they met before in the real world — meaning they already knew what each other looked like, which defeated the whole purpose of the reality dating experiment — they also had an entire relationship that ended only three months before filming began.

Flashbacks in episode 4 revealed that Lydia recognized Uche’s name and voice during their first date at the beginning of filming, and after an awkward few minutes, Uche finally realized that Lydia was his ex. While Lydia wanted to keep dating Uche in the pods since she thought it was fate bringing them back together, he said it would ruin the authenticity of the experience, so he ended things with her. They both went on to form relationships with others while keeping their past a secret, until Uche finally revealed the truth to Aaliyah, who freaked out and later left the show. As for Lydia, she told Milton an abridged version of her past with Uche, and while he needed a break to process everything, he ultimately proposed to her the next day.

“It was new information to me, and just like anytime I get additional information, I need to process that,” Milton tells EW of how he reacted to Lydia’s confession. “Typically the way that process looks is I revert back into my shell for a moment, so I snuggled back into my shell, my safe spot, and I think internally. I’m weighing my options, I’m thinking of my avenues, and I’m logistically moving through this process.”

The data-focused engineer adds that it was important to figure out how he felt before going back to Lydia.

“Mentally this is where I’m at, so what does my heart say? And they matched,” he says. “It just made sense to continue to pursue Lydia. A relationship that she had prior to me doesn’t affect how we met or the bond that me and her share independently.”

That’s why Milton never considered ending things with Lydia after learning about her past with Uche or that she kept it secret from him for so long.

“I don’t think that ever truly crossed my mind,” Milton says. “I went onto the show and I partook in the experiment because I really wanted the opportunity to potentially meet my future wife. I couldn’t negate something so amazing based on a relationship that was had with somebody else. It still makes sense. It truly wasn’t even a bump to me and I think it went well.”

Johnie & Chris: Back Together

Johnie broke Chris’s heart in the pods by choosing Izzy over him and caused some tension when the two men talked about why she called Chris “safe.” After being dumped by Izzy in the pods, Johnie tried to get Chris back, but he declined.

The Episode 7 barbecue revealed they reconnected outside of the experiment and are now dating. Izzy had some choice words about that, making for a weird and tense argument at the barbecue.

Love Is Blind season 5: Chris talks love triangle with Johnie and Izzy

If you love love triangles, then Love Is Blind season 5 is for you!

Even at this early stage in the latest installment of Netflix’s reality dating experiment, there are more love triangles than a season of The Vampire Diaries. That’s not an exaggeration: Izzy loves Stacy and Johnie, Johnie loves Izzy and Chris, Lydia loves Izzy and Milton, Uche loves Aaliyah but has a past with Lydia … can someone please make a diagram to keep them all straight?!

Thankfully, by the end of the first four episodes, all the love triangles seem to be resolved. Izzy chooses Stacy and they get engaged, Milton gets engaged to Lydia, and Uche chooses Aaliyah (but she leaves the show because of Lydia). And while Johnie chooses Izzy over Chris, she ultimately gets dumped by Izzy, so she then tries to get back together with Chris. Johnie even asks Chris if they can still get engaged like he had planned before she ended things with him. And while he accepts her apology and says he sees a future with her, he can’t propose to her because he needs to be selfish and choose someone who always chooses him. 

“I definitely fell in love with Johnie and we had a extremely tight bond from the very start,” Chris tells EW. “And when she told me that she was going to take a different route, I don’t hold that against her. Everyone there is trying to make the best decisions for themselves. Johnie’s an amazing, smart woman, and I trust her to make the best decision for herself. Even sometimes it’s the wrong decision — I would’ve chose me.”

But while he understands and forgives Johnie for initially choosing another guy over him, he knew that getting engaged after that would have been a mistake.

“You can’t make that life decision right after something like that happens,” he says.

Chris also has an emotional moment earlier in the season when he reveals during a pod date with Johnie that he’s been lying his whole life about the way he lost his virginity. He tells Johnie that he was actually pressured into losing his virginity at 17 with a girl he met on a trip to Mexico, and he remembers telling her “no” multiple times but still ended up having sex. He discusses the stigma surrounding men getting raped. Which is why he’s always told people he lost his virginity to a girl in high school rather than saying the truth. 

“This is the first I’m hearing that’s in the episode,” Chris says in an interview conducted before the premiere. “But when you go into the experiment, I feel like I did it properly and I’m really proud of how I did it — I was as open and honest as I could be. If you’re going to fall in love with someone and marry them, then they need to know everything about you and what makes you you. It is a very tough subject that I don’t really want to go back over right now. But I am glad that I opened up and got to that point where I felt trusting enough to have those conversations.”

Love Is Blind’s Chris Fox Reveals Why He Gave Johnie Maraist a Second Chance

Nice guys usually finish last, but in Chris Fox‘s case, they sometimes finish second.

While Chris had an immediate connection with Johnie Maraist on Love Is Blind season five, the project manager was left heartbroken when Johnie ended their relationship so that she could pursue her No. 1 choice, Izzy Zapata Jr. But when Izzy chose Stacy Snyder over Johnie, she immediately attempted to rekindle things with Chris, who ultimately said, “Thanks, but no thanks.” (It didn’t help that he and Izzy compared notes on the very similar affirmations Johnie was telling each of them.)

However, while Chris initially declined to pick things back up when Johnie asked for another shot in the pods, it’s revealed at the cast BBQ in episode six that the pair decided to give their relationship a second chance after running into each other at the airport. 

So, what led to Chris’ change of heart?

“For me, it was a no-brainer to give it a second chance,” Chris told E! News in an exclusive interview. “We are all going through something that we’ve never been through before. It’s uncharted waters.”

Describing Johnie as “an incredible woman,” Chris explained, “She is always trying to do what’s best for her and I can’t hold that against her.”

And while he was initially upset over Johnie choosing Izzy over him, Chris said he wasn’t ready to throw in the towel. 

“When you have a relationship like that, it’s very hard to find. the 28-year-old reasoned, “and I’m not going to throw that away because of not making a mistake, but choosing an option when we’ve never ever done this before.”

Though viewers learned of Chris and Johnie’s relationship on-screen, we didn’t get to see their first in-person meeting, which Chris said was “an indescribable experience.” 

“You’re seeing this person and your eyes are saying, ‘This is a stranger, who is this? Keep you walls up,'” he shared, “and then the second she starts talking, you’re like. ‘Oh wow, this is the person that I fell in love with, this is my best friend, I feel like I’ve known this person my whole life.’ You feel at home and the walls just immediately come down.”

Even though they were able to reconnect after filming, Chris and Johnie weren’t done dealing with pod drama as Izzy and Johnie got into a heated exchange at the BBQ, one that left Johnie in tears after Izzy said she was “sketchy as f–k” and insinuated that she didn’t deserve a guy like Chris. 

Despite the tension, Chris revealed that he and Izzy are “still friends” and he could understand where he was coming from.

“Everyone is there to do what’s best for them and if he felt like he wanted to get that off his chest, then that’s fine for him,” Chris explained. “I’ll listen to him, but I am there for Johnie. I am in love with Johnie, so that’s who I am going to go to and that’s who I am going to trust.”

Hm…he used the present tense when talking about his feelings for Johnie, so does that mean they are still together? 

“I can tell you to continue watching the episodes,” Chris teased. “They will be very interesting.”

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