La Brea Season 3: Preview on Episode 5 – WATCH

La Brea Confirmed to End With Season 3 — Get Final Episode Count

On February 6th, Episode 5 of NBC’s La Brea Season 3, entitled The Road Home Part 1, is airing on NBC. Let’s take a first exclusive look!


A traitor turning on the survivors leads to a deadly confrontation as they’re shocked to learn where Eve has been taken.

Will La Brea‘s Ty have any Back to the Future moments where he runs into himself, or almost does?

Cast member Chiké Okonkwo told me that the idea of Ty crossing paths with his slightly younger self in 2021 “was one of the things we spoke about the most — and I wish there were some moments where I had to ‘hide behind a thing’ to make sure I don’t mess up [the timeline].” But as showrunner David Appelbaum explained, “That was a story we certainly entertained, but we only had a limited amount of time to tell stories [in these final six episodes] and had to pick the ones we found most compelling. So, Ty does not ‘find himself’ — but if the season had gone longer, he might’ve.”



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