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La Brea Confirmed to End With Season 3 — Get Final Episode Count

On January 30, Episode 4 of NBC’s La Brea Season 3, entitled Fire Storm, is airing on NBC. Let’s take a first exclusive look!


When a massive fire breaks out, forcing everyone to flee, Sam and Lucas lead the group’s fight for survival; Gavin is kidnapped by a woman with a surprising connection to his old life who may hold the answers about Eve that he’s been seeking.

It’s not that Gavin trusts Helena at that point, given that “he’s at a point where he doesn’t really trust anybody and he just doesn’t really know who to trust anymore,” Macken tells TV Insider.

“But he’s also at a point where he kind of has no choice. She’s very persuasive, but he’s in a situation where he doesn’t even have any other ways to go. He’s already been down so many other roads. I think there’s a certain sense of desperation to it, and he just has to go with it and hope that it’s right, which I think is kind of what ends up happening. I think when he’s in that situation where everything that he’s done keeps changing on him, he’s like, ‘You know what? I just gotta kind of go with this.’”

Eoin Macken as Gavin, Jon Seda as Dr. Sam, and Chiké Okonkwo as Ty in 'La Brea' Season 3 Episode 3
“Chiké in real life is also a very trustworthy person. He brings that into Ty’s character,” says Macken.

“Ty is the only one who seems to not have any motivations that are colored by having a love for family. Ty is actually probably the most straightforward and honest at this stage while everyone else has still got personal motivations towards getting their daughter back or finding a wife and son. So I think it’s actually easier to trust Ty than anybody else at this stage. He’s also the only one who seems to know what’s going on because he did [time travel], and he also does come back, which is a big sacrifice.”

Ty did reunite with the Gavin and Sam in 10,000 BC upon going through the aurora, and if you liked those three together no matter which timeline, you’re not alone. “I thought putting us in the 2021 timeline was super fun because we already knew those characters and had been on this journey. It was fun to start them fresh a little bit,” Macken shares. “It gave it an extra flavor, which I thought was really nice for this season.”

Gavin needed the microchip so that he could trade it for Eve, but he’s not necessarily feeling more hopeful than he already was.

“Gavin’s firmly always believed that he is going to get her back,” according to Macken. “That’s also partly what brings him on this journey towards the finale episode, which you’re going to love, by the way. They shot it differently. The way it’s shot is awesome and it’s definitely my favorite episode of the whole show, and it doesn’t tie it together in the way that — it does it in such a clever way that’s super fun. But I think he’s always had to believe that he’s going to get her back. That’s what he’s been quite firm about, which I think is great about his character, that he believes wholeheartedly that he will get his wife back and nothing’s going to stop him from doing that.”

The audience knows not to trust Maya, after Scott (Rohan Mirchandaney) calls her out on lying about knowing why the project wanted him and his paper in 2021 and he subsequently goes missing.

“I don’t think [Gavin] ever does really trust Maya, and it’s clear that he shouldn’t,” notes Macken. “Gavin’s in a situation whereby he was trusting his own memories and his own ideas for so long and then that all got turned on its head in Season 2 by his father and all these other things.” Rather, now, he’s relying on people to (hopefully) get him what he wants. “He doesn’t have any choice. So he kind of just has to trust people at this stage because he doesn’t have any other options.”

Poor Gavin! “Yeah, he’s not having a great time of it,” Macken agrees.



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