La Brea Season 3: Preview on Episode 3 – WATCH

La Brea Confirmed to End With Season 3 — Get Final Episode Count

On January 23, Episode 3 of NBC’s La Brea Season 3, entitled Maya, is airing on NBC. Let’s take a first exclusive look!


As Gavin and Sam search for a secret military base, they’re surprised by an old colleague of Gavin’s who just may hold the clues to finding Eve. When Ty and Sam try to figure out how to bring their friends home, Ty becomes sidetracked as he confronts his demons from his past.

Izzy’s LGBTQ relationship is “one of those ideas that we’ve talked about,” creator David Appelbaum shared.

Over the series’ first two seasons, “We haven’t had a chance to really delve into Izzy as much as we’ve wanted to. Because there were so many characters [to service],” Appelbaum explained. “But now, in this season, we really wanted to put a focus on who she is. And getting a deeper understanding of her as a character.”

Pairing Izzy with the equally strong-willed Leyla “was really an opportunity for her to shine,” Appelbaum added, “and to learn more about the kind of person that she is — and what she’s going to become.”



La Brea Season 3: Preview on Episode 3 – WATCH

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