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La Brea Confirmed to End With Season 3 — Get Final Episode Count

The Harris clan’s time in that other Land Down Under is coming to an end. NBC double-secret officially confirmed on Monday that La Brea ‘s upcoming Season 3 will be the sci-fi drama’s last.

At the time of La Brea‘s renewal back in January, there was talk that Season 3 might constitute the sci-fi drama’s swan song, seeing as the cast would be released from their contracts due to an abbreviated episode count. (That initial order of just six episodes was informed by the then-looming WGA strike, with the aim of writing/filming them all before any potential work stoppage.)


After the Clearing’s destroyed in a dinosaur attack, the Survivors must find a new home. Gavin discovers a clue about where Eve has been taken, but tracking the lead down results in even more tragic consequences.

La Brea‘s farewell run will indeed span just six episodes, premiering Tuesday, Jan. 9 at 9/8c (where it will at least for a hot minute lead into the freshman drama Found).

La Brea‘s sophomore season averaged 4.8 million total viewers and a 0.5 demo rating (with Live+7 playback). Out of the 11 dramas NBC aired last season, it ranked ninth both in audience (outdrawing only Quantum Leap and The Blacklist) and in the demo (besting both The Blacklist and Magnum P.I.).

When last we tuned into La Brea, Dr. Moore’s secret “back-up” portal started to malfunction due to damage caused by the stray bullets of a brief firefight. Everyone made a dash for the chamber’s exit, but Eve wound up trapped behind a heavy, locked door. And as the portal violently pulsed, Eve blipped away to… somewhere/somewhen. Concurrent with Eve’s mysterious vanishing, a bazillion auroras appeared in the sky outside, allowing people — and apparently dinosaurs! — from other eras to drop in on 10,000 B.C.

Though the survivors would seem to be fresh out of portals now, “this is a show about getting home. They’re never going to lose their desire to do that,” showrunner David Appelbaum told TVLine. “We’re not running back to a portal immediately, but they’re going to have to find a way home somehow, whether it’s through a portal or some other means.”

Natalie Zea to Have a Sharply Reduced Presence in Final Season

At the close of La Brea Season 2, Eve disappeared. And original cast member Natalie Zea nearly will, too.

Sources tell TVLine that the La Brea front woman will have a significantly reduced presence in the NBC drama’s six-episode farewell season, Season 3, which kicks off Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2024, at 9/8c.

When last we tuned into La Brea, a “back-up” portal that potentially could have sent everyone stuck in 10,000 B.C. back to present-day L.A. malfunctioned due to damage caused by the stray bullets of a gunfight. As everyone made a dash for the chamber’s exit, Eve wound up trapped behind a heavy, locked door. Then, when the glitchy portal violently pulsed, Eve blipped! away to somewhere/somewhen — setting the stage, in retrospect, for Zea’s limited Season 3 screen time.

In La Brea‘s Season 3 opener, which is titled “Sierra,” Gavin (played by Eoin Macken) will discover a clue about where Eve has gone, though following that lead only will result in only more unfortunate consequences.

Might a happy ending — possibly even a long-sought homecoming — eventually await the Harris fam as La Brea winds down? Showrunner David Appelbaum did tell TVLine at the end of last season, “This is a show about getting home. They’re never going to lose their desire to do that.”

And Zea, we hear, filmed her handful of Season 3 scenes in Los Angeles, having never returned to the sci-fi series’ set down in Australia.

La Brea Season 3 in many ways represents “Lucas and Veronica rising.

“They’ve really come into their own,” Lily Santiago nodded. “At this point, so much has happened to them in life, let alone in just their time in the clearing, that when Season 3 comes they can adapt to just about anything. “Nothing’s that surprising” for the nascent lovebirds anymore, Santiago added. “I think they’re of the mind that ‘If I’ve got you, we’ll be OK.’”

Lucas and Veronica “reflect back to each other the best qualities in one another,” McKenzie observed. “That’s something they’ve struggled to see in themselves because of the shame that’s attached to both of them. They both have done things they regret in their past, so it’s very hard to see yourself in a positive light. But now they can lean into their strengths, rise up and have the audacity to think they’re leaders.”

But is the characters’ imminent evolution enough to win over any viewers who have mainly been tuning into La Brea for Harris family drama, and the occasional 10,000 B.C. beast?

“I hope so. I hope so…,” said McKenzie. “They’ve both made some pretty severe mistakes, but the payoff for me, and Lily too, has been great” in Season 3. “Starting out, Lucas was this very outlier character, very angry and unlikeable…. But I really hope the audience finds a way to connect with him. Because being able to finally access that [kinder] core and put in on display has been so rewarding.”

“I think we’re more forgivable this season,” Santiago said, echoing her scene partner’s thoughts. “The things we do are all well-intenioned, where it might not have been that way in the past. Also, we’re allowed to be sort of ‘goofy kids falling in love and figuring out how to be parents’, instead of just being these bad people that have done horrible things and won’t let themselves move past it because it’s just too bad.

“For the first time they’re falling in love — I think neither of them had true love — so I think people will like us this season. I hope!”

Dinosaurs!” — as Eoin Macken (who plays Gavin), Nicholas Gonzalez (Levi) and Zyra Gorecki (Izzy) for a Season 3 overview.

So many dinosaurs,” Macken elaborates. “Think of all the dinosaurs you ever thought of in your life, and they’re all in there.”

“We’ve got time travel, dinosaurs, romance, death…. All sorts of stuff,” Macken declares.

“To blame Levi, evidently!” quips Gonzalez. “I’m all bent out of shape at the beginning of Season 3, feeling totally alone and lost.

“Everyone is bereft of any hope,” Gonzalez continues, “but now we begin the rebuild. And that’s the strength of this show, these characters having to come together and figure out a way home. Or at least attempt to.”

The Harris family that the disappeared Eve left behind, though, is far less optimistic.

“It’s difficult, because for the first time they’re not quite sure what to do. Gavin is not sure what to do,” says Macken. That leads to “a change in that dynamic between Gavin and [daughter] Izzy, because for the first time they think there might not be any hope. Initially, there’s a certain despondence and acceptance that this might be it, and they’re stuck down there. They’ll have to look at the world and their relationships differently before they can figure out, ‘Can they actually get home?’”

As glimpsed in trailer and promos, “Izzy’s getting some stuff done, she’s a little badass,” Gorecki effuses. “That’s what happens when you lose your mom, for a second time, and you’re stuck in 10,000 B.C. Gotta find a hobby!”

‘You Roll With the Punches,’ Says EP David Appelbaum

“There are so many situations and opportunities that come out through production that you write towards and you embrace,” Appelbaum told TVLine. Just filming in Australia, “in a pandemic and across a 17-hour time gap, can present problems, but that’s the job,” he added. “You figure it out, and it is what it is.”

So despite having to keep a disappeared Eve off-screen for much of the farewell season or abruptly exiting Josh/Riley exit stage left, “I think we’ve been able to hold onto what the heart of the show has always been, which is about this family trying to get back to each other,” Appelbaum avowed. “This is an action-adventure story about scale and scope and entertainment, and making it really emotional and making it exciting are the things that we’ve always held true to.”


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