Katherine Heigl on Happy Family Life at Utah Ranch (Exclusive)


Katherine Heigl is loving living far away from Hollywood on her Utah ranch with husband Josh Kelley, their three kids… and lots of animals!

“Extra’s” Mona Kosar Abdi spoke with Heigl about their life, her advocacy for animals through her foundation, and her pet food brand named after her home, Badlands Ranch.

She shared, “We have horses, two donkeys, and two goats and two pigs and chickens and cats and dogs… We did just get two guinea pigs — that’s exciting for the children.”

While it’s “a lot of responsibility,” Katherine emphasized, “It’s so worth it.”

The former “Grey’s Anatomy” star is helping to improve the quality of life for furry friends through her pet food brand Badlands Ranch.

She commented, “I’m most proud of, right now in my life and career… that people don’t stop me on the street as much anymore and go, like, ‘Izzy!’ They stop me to tell me that their dog loves my food, and it makes me so happy because I’m like, ‘I win, the dogs love me.’”

Right now, Katherine and Badlands Ranch have teamed up with Fotografiska New York for a very special exhibit, “Best in Show.” Every ticket sold supports her work for animals through the the Jason Heigl Foundation, which she started with her mother in honor of her late brother.

“This event is really exciting and such a perfect opportunity to pair my passions, art and animals,” Katherine said. “Fotografiska has been so generous in allowing me to come and really bring awareness to the animal advocacy that my mother and I do and bring awareness to the plight of our companion pets in this country.”

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Source: Extra TV

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