Jason Beghe: 5 things you didn’t know about the Chicago PD star


Jason Beghe we all know him as the star of One Chicago, where since 2012 he has played Hank Voight, a troubled police officer.

But who is he really???!! Let’s get to know him better.

Jason Beghe was born in 1960 in New York and began his career as an actor in 1985 when he debuted in the film Compromising Positions with Susan Saradon and Raùl Julià.

A distinctive feature of many of his characters is his gruff voice, unfortunately the result of a near-fatal car accident the actor had in 1999. In this circumstance the doctors were forced to intubate him causing injuries to his vocal cords. A prerogative of his that has never limited him and on which now, years later, he can even joke about it.

He was a member of Scientology, for over ten years. He left the church in 2008 and simultaneously gave a video interview in which he talks about his experience in Scientology and the risks of this cult.

Jason Beghe in One Chicago

But how well do you really know Jason Beghe? Here are 5 fun facts you may not have known!!!

1) Jason Beghe vs Hank Voight

The Chicago PD star claims that his character has influenced himself a lot, and also his personality inevitably became part of his character too!!! In fact, he claims that the two parts influence each other.

2) Weird dreams

He often dreams of being an old lady or a reptile, but it never occurred to him to dream of the character of Hank.

3) Tough choices

When he was offered to play a recurring character in Chicago Fire, he was going through a difficult family moment: he had just lost both his parents and the pain was very strong. Despite this, he decided to leave for filming in Washington, a choice that changed his life and that he has never regretted.

4) A life change

The car accident 20 years ago permanently changed his perception of life. Although he doesn’t think about it very often, being in a coma for quite some time has changed the way he lives and acts.

5) The relationship with the police

Since playing a cop himself, he has begun to look at the police in a different way, noting that before the uniform there are mostly people.

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Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


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